When Goldie Hawn bravely confessed to experiencing anxiety and depression, her admirers and followers hailed her as an “inspiration.”.

The Overboard star discussed her mental health in a video that promoted her participation in an upcoming event for her MindUP charity. She acknowledges in the movie that despite her success, there was a period in her life when she “was not particularly happy. ”.

“I wanted a regular life, and that’s not what I got,” Goldie said during a discussion of her goals. “I wanted to go home, get married, manage a dancing school, be happy, and have children.”. “I yearned for a regular life. “.

I eventually received an Academy Award after my acting career took off like a rocket. Although it sounded beautiful, I was terrified of experiencing discomfort again. I would return to my dressing room and sleep down. “.

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She continued, “I entirely lost my ability to smile. “I did not find much happiness in my life, despite dedicating my life to seeking it. “.

Goldie admitted to seeking expert assistance to deal with her mental health problems. She said that I chose to speak with a psychologist because I felt like better understanding what was happening in my head.

“After a year, I finally started to rediscover who I was, but trust me when I say that I understand what it’s like to be anxious and depressed. “.

Many of the actress’ devoted followers sent her heartfelt messages of encouragement; some even admitted that Goldie’s sincere statement had made them cry.

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One of them said, “I’m glad you shared this. “You are an inspiration to all of us, and it made me smile. You are such a kind person, Goldie. I wish you and your lovely family nothing but the best. “.

Another person commented, “Thank you so much for posting this, @goldiehawn, and you are an inspiration!”. Another person said, “This made me cry; @goldiehawn, you are amazing!”.

Next week, I’ll be giving a talk at LIFE ITSELF, and I can’t wait! Goldie wrote next to the picture. I look forward to discussing happiness and the significance of learning to quiet your thoughts with @drsanjaygupta and @marchodosh on @mindup. At www. LifeItself. It’s amazing how many innovative thinkers there are in the health field.