Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes’s adolescent daughter, has shied away from the spotlight for years, making her most recent news all the more shocking.

The 16-year-old plays the lead part in the actress’s most recent film, Alone Together, in which she co-stars with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

According to Katie, Suri performs the song Blue Moon in the upcoming film.


“She’s incredibly talented,” Katie, 43, stated. “She agreed to do it, filmed it, and I simply let her be. When I offer instructions, I usually say, “This is what I believe we all want; do your thing.”

Suri’s voice can be heard in the opening credits of the film. Katie explained why she chose Suri for the role: “I always want the best level of talent, so I asked her.”

Tom Cruise

The Dawson’s Creek star recently discussed how the two managed the epidemic as a team.

In the second issue of Amazing magazine, Katie noted, “I painted, we had a sewing machine, so we made quilts, we cooked; we were on a constant holiday.”

“We probably saw Dirty Dancing twenty times. Because I danced to it in the living room, I can speak to its durability.

Because we were near a lake, I used to get up, sew, sip coffee, and lay on the hammock.”

Katie’s primary worries as a parent have always been Suri’s development into her own personality and ensuring she is entirely herself and strong, capable, and confident, as she revealed last year.

“She came across as strong, as she had always been. She will choose a task and give it her all until she completes it.”

“All right, I’ll try the next thing,” she says. “She is dedicated and hardworking.”

Suri’s father, Tom, is said to be estranged from her, and she spends her entire time with Katie.