The Soul Man actor died as a result of liver issues.

A well-known actor named John Beasley, who made an impact in the films The Soul Man and Everwood, tragically passed away at the age of 79.

It was revealed on Tuesday that John had liver issues and had been taken to the hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was born.

 John Beasley, the 79-year-old actor from Everwood, passed away.

His health had “unexpectedly gotten worse. The announcement of his father’s passing was made on Facebook by Mike Beasley, his son, who also posted a moving photo.

Mike gave his father a heartfelt tribute. Even though you are aware that this is a reality, he wrote, “It still isn’t any easier.”. My best friend died today. They advise against ever encountering your heroes because they frequently don’t live up to your expectations. Such an error. I looked up to my father as a hero.
Everything is appreciated.
You have my undying love.”.

Early involvement in theater sparked John’s love of performing. According to IMDb, his first job was very different; he spent seven years working as a train clerk for the Union Pacific railroad. He acknowledged that he did, nonetheless, cling firmly to the dream that his ambitions would materialize.

 John Beasley, the 79-year-old actor from Everwood, passed away.

I knew those things would come, even when I was in college, he continued, adding that he didn’t believe a college education was required to achieve his objectives.

John’s acting career began in earnest with the 1989 film Rapid Fire, which served as his first performing credit. A recurring role in the Oprah Winfrey-hosted sitcom Brewster Place, however, was what really launched his acting career.

The Mighty Ducks from 1992, Crazy in Alabama from 1997, and The General’s Daughter from 1999 are just a few of the well-known films that featured John’s talent.

 John Beasley, the 79-year-old actor from Everwood, passed away.

John is best known for his role as Irv Harper, Edna Harper’s husband, in the critically acclaimed television series Everwood (2002–2006).

After the success of Everwood, John teamed up with Cedric the Entertainer to enchant viewers in the 2012 television movie The Soul Man, in which he played Cedric’s character’s father, Barton Ballentine.

Even in his later years, John remained active in the theater. He took part in the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s musical adaptation of The Notebook in October.

John never lost respect for his work. According to him, being a professional artist is the highest calling, and I value wherever it leads me, he previously told American Theatre. I would still consider my career to be fairly successful even if I never got to Broadway. ”.