On the day that would have been Jett Travolta’s 30th birthday, John Travolta shared a touching tribute to his late son on Instagram.

His son Jett, whom he shared with his late wife Kelly Preston, passed away in 2009 at 16 after hitting his head in the bathtub while having a seizure. It was decided that Jett’s death was an accident.

The Grease star wrote, “My dearest Jetty, I miss you more than words can express. Each day, I think about you. Sincerely, your father. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Jett, a child born in 1992, had a history of seizures and was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease as a young child.

Jett is autistic, according to later revelations from his parents. The family had a member pass away at their vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island while they were out.

Jett was the most wonderful child that two parents could have ever hoped for, and he brought joy to everyone he interacted with. In a statement released after his passing, John Travolta and Kelly Preston said, “Jett lit up the lives of everyone he touched.”.

“We are heartbroken that the time we had with him was so brief. We will cherish the time we got to spend with him for the rest of our lives. “.
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Benjamin and Ella Bleu were Travolta and Preston’s other children, and Ella Bleu was born in 2000. (born 2010).

Preston, who was 57 years old and had battled breast cancer for two years, passed away in July 2020.

“I will be taking some time to be there for my children who have lost their mother, so please forgive me in advance if you don’t hear from us for a while,” John Travolta’s message from the time read. I will set aside time to support my children who have lost their mothers. However, I want you to know that as we get better over the next few weeks and months, I will be able to feel the love you have for us.