You may have seen the photograph of the woman falling in the supermarket above. After the text was added, the original image quickly gained popularity and became a meme.

Here is what Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson had to say about what she calls “Her 15 Minutes of FAME” after confirming that she is the woman in the photo:.

My fifteen minutes of fame are now up. The probability is that you have seen the image. The worst part is that she gives the impression that a fat woman falling out of a stroller is doing so because she is too lazy to get out of the stroller to get the juice she wants to buy.

My spine is seriously ill, and one of the vertebrae has moved. The disease’s body and leg weakness-related symptoms are the most prevalent.


In addition, I am obese and have ongoing depression due to this. I joined a gym, but maintaining weight is still tricky because of my illness.

When I took the photo in 2012, my legs were in a lot of pain, so I pushed a stroller. My husband consumed large amounts of juice, so I wanted to buy it.

The stroller slipped when I leaned over to pick it up. I became accustomed to people making negative remarks about me, so I didn’t give the incident much thought.


My disabilities are present and authentic, even if you cannot see them. Therefore, keep in mind that you are ignorant of those people and the problems they deal with daily the next time you see pictures of people making fun of you. It is never okay to make fun of someone.

I don’t ask anyone to accept obesity; it leads to many other illnesses. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, either.

I want you to have empathy, comprehension, and respect for another person. Please treat me like the person that I am.

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