Do you know the TV show Lost? Many individuals throughout the world have seen this series.

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Hurley, played by Jorge Garcia, was a pivotal character in this series. Hurley was an overweight man who worked in a fast-food restaurant and won the lotto one day. That’s how he got aboard Flight 815. Initially, his character was pretty comical, but as the series progressed, he became more severe and frequently took the primary part.

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Jorge stated that he adored his role and knew from the start that he would be able to make the people who watched the series love him. Following the conclusion of the series, Jorge was cast in several films and television shows.
However, in recent years, he has emphasised weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, and he is now a role model for individuals who want to reduce weight.

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Jorge has been a big kid since he was a kid. In high school, he wrestled and was known as Baby-Faced-Killer. He was a happy child even though he was older than his classmates and colleagues.

However, he acquired too many pounds, which may harm his health. Jorge chose to change his life since his family and friends were concerned about him. He resolved to reduce his weight and live a healthier lifestyle. He weighed 400 pounds.

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Jorge’s friend stated that he is a very kind person with a great soul, but keeping an average weight is tough. During the production of “Lost,” he attempted but failed to reduce weight. According to rumours, the exhibition then advised that Hurley lose weight.

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Jorge decided to seek assistance on his path, so he hired nutritionists and fitness experts. As a result, he began to lose weight.

Jorge began eating more fruits and vegetables and attempted to maintain a low-carb and high-protein diet. He also stopped consuming alcohol and went to the gym regularly.

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Jorge lost 100 pounds out of 400 pounds. Isn’t it excellent news?

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Jorge is a relatively private person who has not spoken much about his weight, but he occasionally publishes recipes for what he eats.

Jorge married his long-term girlfriend, Rebecca Birdsall, in 2019. They’d been together since roughly 2013.