Many Republicans argued before the previous presidential election that Joe Biden should not be president because of his age and that if he continues, he will develop dementia. Madison Cawthor, a Republican from North Carolina, believed Joe Biden was not mentally stable and publicly criticised the president’s wife, accusing her of being harsh to her husband.

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Most of the time, Trump’s presidential campaign has been constructed around allegations against Joe Biden. He hasn’t stopped criticising the new president till now. Last month, 14 Republicans signed a letter requesting that President Biden take a cognitive test to establish his mental fitness to lead the country. Ronny Jackson was the driving force behind this action.

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He believes that it is evident from the president’s every gesture that something is awry. In 2018, Trump completed the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which revealed evidence of moderate Alzheimer’s disease.
Joe Biden is “mentally disturbed,” according to Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn. Jill Biden, he claims, is harsh to her husband.

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Mr Cawthorn claimed that Biden’s mentality had been degraded and that someone was behind the president, pulling the strings. He did not present any evidence that another individual was leading the United States.

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However, President Joe Biden and Jill Biden are unconcerned about these charges because they have been together for so long and have been through so much.
They first met in 1975. Joe had been through a tragedy three years before meeting Jil. Neilia Hunter, his first wife, and their daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident.
Jill wasn’t sure if their relationship had a future because he was nine years older and entirely different from the lads she had previously met, but after seeing the movie A Man and a Woman, Jill was thrilled about her time with Joe.
The two initially considered their relationship “fun,” but as time passed, Joe was ready to take the next step.

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Joe did not initially introduce Jill to his two sons, Beau and Hunter, but once they met, they got along so well that the two kids were the first to tell Joe that he should marry Jill.

Joe claimed he proposed to her five times before she said “yes.”

Jill always said, “not yet,” because she was bonded to Joe’s two sons and wanted to ensure the marriage would work. She didn’t like the two sons to be separated from their second mother. Jill replied “yes” to her fifth marriage proposal, and the two married in 1977 in New York City.

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Joe and Jill Biden, together with Beau and Hunter, went on their honeymoon and were extremely pleased. Ashley was born in 1981. Jill then opted to stop teaching to focus on her three children’s education, but she later returned to the classroom.

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Despite Jill and Joe’s difficulties, she continued to pursue her passion, teaching and managed to work two jobs. Michelle Obama was thrilled with Jill and thought it was fantastic that she could work two jobs.
Former Delaware Technical Community College assistant dean Mary Doody said Jill always wanted to achieve on her own and never wanted to be known as Joe Biden’s wife.