Kate Winslet was brought to the hospital over the weekend after injuring her leg while filming her latest movie in Croatia.

The actress, 46, who plays renowned American photojournalist Lee Miller in the film, was injured while filming in the Kupari village.

The actor is seen arriving at Dubrovnik Hospital in a dark vehicle with a group of individuals, according to photos obtained by Croatian media.

According to a spokesman for the on-screen star, Kate slipped and was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure by the production.

She is OK and will film as planned this week.

In 2020, a new film starring Kate about Lee Miller, a former Vogue cover girl turned war correspondent, has been confirmed.

The film, titled Lee, follows a photojournalist as she travels to the front lines of World War II to expose the Nazis’ atrocities.


She learns the truth about her past as she travels.

Ellen Kuras will helm the picture based on Kate’s 2004 smash Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which also starred Jim Carrey.

It is based on Lee Miller’s son, Antony Penrose’s book The Lives of Lee Miller.

Kate, an Oscar winner who also acts as the film’s producer, has described the role as “a woman I like greatly and who I am so delighted to be playing in this film.” a war correspondent, an icon, a devoted lover, a thinker, a life-long learner, a cook, and a mother.

Kate looked great when filming underwater sequences for her new part in the next Avatar film earlier this month.

She must re-enter the water tank after suffering hypothermia earlier to record underwater scenes for the part.

Kate, well known for playing Rose in Titanic, was ill for months while filming the dramatic 1997 film in the ocean.

Despite this, the actress has done an excellent job in her current part in the Avatar prequel, The Way Of Water.

Ronal, played by the Academy Award winner, is one of the Na’vi-related underwater animals.

Jon Landau arrived in London on Wednesday to present some clips and (very discreetly) kick off the drums for his upcoming sci-fi epic.

Kate, he claimed, achieved a cast record for free diving. Despite the reality that it was six minutes and fifty seconds, we elected to call it seven minutes for Kate. She was amazing.

Tom Cruise, who is notorious for performing his stunts, is said to have been especially happy to beat Kate because he accomplished a six-minute free dive in 2015 while filming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Kate owns the record, according to child actor Bailey Bass, who plays Tsireya, Ronal’s daughter, in The Way of Water; she set it during training. “I finished in 6 minutes and 30 seconds.”

The entire ensemble underwent diving training to prepare for the sequel, which takes place more than ten years after the original events.