Prince Harry’s long-awaited memoir will be released in less than two months.

Unsurprisingly, the royal family is not looking forward to the following days.

There are fears that the book will exacerbate the already-existing Windsor family feuds.

They also said the same regarding the Queen’s death, Charles’ ascension, and Season 5 of The Crown. Despite everything, the family is still cordial.

Other royal experts, including journalist Katie Nicholl, feel that Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship will end before the release of Spare in January.

“William found it very difficult when Harry stood down from his royal duties, and I think that’s partly why this split hasn’t been bridged,” Nicholl recently stated.


It significantly impacted him, Princess Catherine, and their small family. As a result, they were given multiple placements. As a result, they were thrust into the public eye much sooner.

Nicholl says William must feel betrayed after seeing his brother leave their relationship after a lifetime of mutual support.

“I assume William had always expected his brother’s backing.” “I don’t think it was just because Harry decided to quit and step down,” she added.

“I believe a large part of it was the manner in which he chose to do it, and what William saw as significant disrespect to the institution, his family, and his grandmother,” the author explained.

“If he is going to reveal everything in the most literal sense,” royal specialist Daniela Elser pointed out, “it could very well be the last torching of whatever rickety bridges remain between himself and his family.”

Elser raised concerns about the timing of Harry’s book:

Why postpone the memoir until after the potentially good Christmas shopping season when it is ready to print right now?

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Given the lack of competition, is Harry’s book’s release date a strategy to keep it at the top of bestseller lists? Another person inquired.

Will the final book be far less dramatic than anticipated? It’s OK if Harry has second, third, or sixteenth thoughts about writing this autobiography.

According to journalist Simon Heffer, the new Prince of Wales is “appalled with his brother’s general behaviour” and “can’t believe the book is coming out at all.”

However, Heffer believes the book will be kinder than most people assume.

He believes Harry will not “enjoy living in exile in America for much longer,” and he fears William will not “accept a reconciliation” if he and Meghan return to the UK.

“The most painful portion of the coming year will almost certainly be when he finally sits down to read his younger son’s book. His reaction will show our future monarch’s capability as a King and a father.”

Readers may be dissatisfied if Harry’s memoir attempt to reclaim the favour of his family!