Lance Reddick, well-known for his roles as Charon in the “John Wick” trilogy and Cedric Daniels in “The Wire,” passed away on March 17 at 60. Reddick was found in the early morning hours at his Los Angeles home. Reddick allegedly died from natural causes, though the precise cause of death is still unknown.

Some actors have reflected on the longevity and significance of Reddick’s career in light of his untimely death. Ben Stiller added on Twitter that Lance Reddick was a gorgeous and alluring actor. Moreover, a lovely person. “.

He played Raziel, the waiter turned angel of death, in the play “Afterplay” written by my mother. In everything he did, he was faultless. Nothing was lost. Actor Wendell Pierce tweeted, “A man of immense power and grace. “.

He was equally skilled as a musician and an actor. Ultimate in fashion. Unexpectedly, our family of artists suffered a sudden, severe, and unbearable loss. Unimaginable suffering for his loved ones and family. “.

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Reddick’s first wife, Suzanne Yvonne Louis, and the two children he had with her, Yvonne Nicole Reddick and Christopher Reddick, are mourning his passing along with his wife, Stephanie Reddick. On Instagram the day before he passed away, Reddick posted something that, in hindsight, is terrible.

The day before he passed away, Lance Reddick uploaded pictures of himself and his pets relaxing on the couch at home to Instagram. The message supported Animal League, the “world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organisation,” and mentioned the upcoming release of Reddick’s movie “John Wick: Chapter 4,” in which he co-stars with Keanu Reeves.

“It’s no surprise that I enjoy treating my dogs both on and off the screen,” Reddick wrote in the post’s caption. With a full selection of [John Wick Movie] dog gear available at Hard Rock Hotels, The Official Hard Rock makes it simple. The images capture Reddick and his puppies swarming over him and kissing his face.

Reddick shared more dog-related content over the past week, and according to TMZ, he missed the “John Wick” premiere in New York City on March 15 to post a video of his dogs dozing on the couch.

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Although it’s unclear if he was ill and couldn’t attend the premiere, it’s clear how much he loved his dogs.