Any amateur collector or treasure hunter hopes to discover a treasure that has a lot more value than they initially thought, whether it be in terms of money or sentiment.

There is a good reason why thousands of people are very serious about their treasure hunts. Some people are so adept at it that they choose to make it their career.

No matter how many storage units you search through, how many old trunks you open, or how many antique vases you purchase in the hope of finding something valuable, truly life-changing discoveries are uncommon.

Man discovers an abandoned locker and a 50-year-old wallet inside. After seeing the images inside, he is in awe.

Treasure hunter Anton Lulgjuraj, who began his adventure of buying used storage units in New York State years ago, may have made the most exciting find of his life when he opened an abandoned locker in May 2017 and found a 50-year-old wallet.

Even though he would not become wealthy from his discovery, once the previous owner of the wallet was located, it was more than enough to generate news.In May 2017, Anton Lulgjuraj purchased an abandoned locker in the hopes of discovering something valuable.

According to reports, he had no idea what was being kept in the container, but when he opened it, he found a number of items that had once belonged to an Air Force pilot. A small box held a worn-out wallet that had seen better days.

Although Diane Hall’s California driver’s license from the late 1960s was in the wallet, Anton had no other noteworthy find to flog.

Man discovers an abandoned locker and a 50-year-old wallet inside. After seeing the images inside, he is in awe.

The woman was a 20-year-old according to the card, but Anton didn’t care who she was or her age. He nevertheless looked through the wallet and found a few old pictures and an actor’s equity card.

Anton was drawn in by the equity card and the images, and he immediately began his research. Amazingly, his efforts led him to the startling conclusion that “Diane Hall” had developed into renowned actress Diane Keaton!

The next tweet from Anton was aimed at the Something’s Gotta Give star, hoping to get her attention. He reasoned that she might want to be reunited even though her old wallet was fifty years old.

Also, this is incredible, don’t you think?

Keaton allegedly initially chose not to respond to Anton’s tweet. The New York Daily News picked up the story, though, and that’s how the actress learned about it.

The 77-year-old Keaton was ecstatic and posted about Anton’s discovery on Instagram.


What a delightful way to end the story when Diane recognized the object, and what a wonderful surprise Anton found.