I’m an animal lover, but I can categorically state that a mountain lion that is fully grown should not be chained in the back of a pickup truck.

But Mufasa, a mountain lion, was compelled to reside there.

He was a traveling circus performer in Peru, and his owner made his existence a living hell so that others could be amused by him and profit from him.

He luckily found some animal lovers who saved him.

Watch how the circus lion responds after spending 20 long years in chains.

In zoos, exhibits, and circuses today, many animals are still mistreated and neglected. Despite recent improvements for many animals, there is still a long way to go.

Because countless defenseless animals were still kept in cramped quarters and denied the opportunity to live happy, fulfilling lives.

The mountain lion Mufasa was found tethered to a pickup truck in Peru. He had been forced to live there for 20 years, leading a life he neither wanted nor deserved.

In his later years, Mufasa’s good fortune did, at last, come. He was released in 2015 after months of diligent work on the part of the animal rights organization Animal Defenders International. When the group tried to shut down an entire Peruvian circus, they came across him.

The feeling of independence greatly enhanced Mufasa’s wellbeing. He was granted the basic right that every wild creature possesses—the right to live out their final years in harmony with nature, free from stress and oppression.

The heartwarming account of his rescue is shown in the video below, which also shows Mufasa taking his first step toward freedom. It really is very beautiful!

After being freed from the circus, Mufasa enjoyed a brief period of freedom before his health began to deteriorate.

20 years of being chained to the back of a pick-up truck had taken a toll, resulting in kidney failure and other aging-related issues. In 2015, he passed away, claims Animal Defenders International.

However, he still makes a crucial point in his narrative.

Being scratched behind the back made Mufasa feel lovely and kind, which he enjoyed. It was unfortunate that he couldn’t stay in the Amazon for longer, but it would have been even more tragic if he had never experienced freedom.

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