Mr. Michael J. Fox’s protracted struggle with Parkinson’s disease has been well-documented over the years. Since receiving his devastating diagnosis, the actor has made it his mission to raise awareness of the disease and has dedicated himself to funding research to help those affected.

Simply put, the Back to the Future actor’s work ethic and positive outlook despite his challenges are truly inspirational.

After learning he had the degenerative disease, he could have so easily recoiled into his shell and vanished from the public eye.

Instead, Fox decided to live his life according to his own terms, setting an example for millions worldwide and reiterating the value of staying positive no matter what is going on.

Of course, the 54-year-old has not faced Parkinson’s entirely on his own. No, Tracy Pollan, an actress, his wife, has been by his side the entire time.

The couple reportedly started dating after meeting in 1982 on the “Family Ties” set and became engaged in 1987. Despite their difficulties, they got married the following year and have remained faithful ever since.

Of all of them, Fox’s Parkinson’s diagnosis and the ensuing challenges the disease has caused him to face are by far the most significant.

When his wife learned he had Parkinson’s disease several years ago, Fox was open about how she felt. She was described as his most significant pillar of strength by him as well.

Despite being aware that life — and the couple’s relationship — were about to get progressively more challenging in the future, according to Fox, Pollan didn’t flinch for a single second.

Fox said of his wife, “She didn’t blink.

Pollan is a remarkably selfless woman who has been faithful to and taken care of her husband for more than 30 years. Fox acknowledged that she and he had been “on the front lines” and that her sense of humor had gotten him through difficult times.

She never claims that she knows more than I do, he said. And Tracy also says, “Let’s get to the funny if there’s something funny. The tragic will be addressed later. “.

Everyone can see how much Fox and Pollan love one another. In.

The 13th Annual Governors Awards were held in Los Angeles on November 21, and Fox was recently recognised with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. He acknowledged after getting on stage that he would find it challenging to lift the trophy.

It was only fitting that his wife stepped forward to assist him. Before going back to her seat, she kissed and cuddled her husband.

In his speech, Fox talked about the years immediately following his diagnosis, which changed his life, and how he dealt with uncertainty. Nevertheless, he remembered how Pollan had thanked her for her ongoing support and made it clear that she would stick by his side throughout the ordeal.

Whatever you say, Michael J., I don’t care. Fox has to rank among the most motivating people in history.

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