When children come from wealthy families, they want their parents to shower them with the most exciting things, which can often be expensive.

While many billionaires worldwide treat their heirs in this fashion, others prefer to provide further education for their offspring.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are among those who refuse to buy Christmas presents for their children.

They dated for a few years before recognizing they had much stronger feelings for each other and choosing to form a couple.

Years passed, and the two stars exchanged vows of eternal love in 2015. Mila has two beautiful children, Wyatt Isabelle (7 years old) and Dimitri (2 years old), and they have a fantastic family (5 years old).

Despite their unusual financial circumstances, the two spouses chose a different path for their children’s education than other celebrities.

While most sighted children have all they want, Mila and Ashton wished to instill in their children the value of modesty and everyday living.


As a result, they decided that Wyatt and Dimitri should enjoy other special family moments instead of receiving Christmas presents.

The performers knew that the two children were of an age when they did not respect gifts for what they were. Thus, no toy will make them happy.

In addition to their decision not to provide gifts, their relatives have been asked not to do so in the case of the two children.

Instead, they will make a philanthropic gesture every year by purchasing toys and offering them as gifts to children from low-income families or the sick.


The two actors hope this will become a family tradition that their children will continue and accept as they grow older.

“We’ve decided to start a Christmas tradition that doesn’t involve gifts. Last year, Wyatt received gifts from his grandparents, but after playing with them for a while, he chose to return them.

She doesn’t appear to care any longer. We recommended our parents not to purchase too much stuff, and that a gift would suffice because children do not understand how to appreciate such gifts.

They’re simply not big enough. We buy toys and donate them to children’s hospitals so the youngsters can have fun while also benefiting.

“That’s how we decided to create this our new Christmas tradition,” Mila and Ashton explained.