Money cannot buy good health, and cancer claimed the lives of many people. Nobody should have to witness a loved one battle cancer.

According to the tale, the Pennsylvania family’s mother and son, who were both given cancer diagnoses, are currently going through a lot of pain. All we can do is hope they can get through this difficult moment.

When Nicole Roche revealed three months ago that she had been given a stage IV cancer diagnosis, her family was already prepared for a difficult time filled with uncertainty. However, they received the more tragic news last month when Nicole’s son Wesley was taken to the emergency department due to stomach issues.

Mother fighting cancer side by side with her son.

There, medical experts discovered that Wesley had a huge, cancerous kidney tumour. Nicole discussed her family’s struggles and their journey to date on September 3 on Facebook. Despite everything, she is optimistic about the future.

Wesley recently underwent surgery to remove a tumour. He has been valiantly battling cancer. Nicole, Wesley’s mother, stood by his side during the procedure. Wesley has reportedly been feeling rather uncomfortable lately, according to sources.

Nicole claimed that at least not concurrently, she could never have envisioned having to watch while one of her children went through the same struggle as she was. Wesley reportedly experienced gastrointestinal issues and was taken to the ER.

Mother fighting cancer side by side with her son.

He was brought to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when his cancer was identified, where he underwent an emergency operation to remove the tumour. Nicole admitted that her son’s bravery serves as an example for her. Wes is considerably bolder than I have been, she said.

He motivates me to handle my therapy with greater grit and strength. A GoFundMe has been created to aid Nicole’s family during their impending cancer struggle. It has amassed more than $47,000 as of the writing of this article.

Mother fighting cancer side by side with her son.

Given the terrifying nature of the cancer diagnosis, it is reasonable to be cautious of every symptom. However, not all symptoms indicate malignancy. The best course of action is to talk to your doctor about any potential symptoms.

Some indications and symptoms, though, are more frequently cancer-related. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should get medical attention:

-A lumpy object that shouldn’t be there

-Continuous coughing

-Extreme fatigue

– Unreported weight reduction

Mother fighting cancer side by side with her son.

The doctors can help you decide whether there is cause for concern. These signs and symptoms are thought to be cancer symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms consistently, it is advised to go visit a doctor. When you visit your doctor for your yearly checkup, let him or her know whether cancer has a history in your family. Remember that early detection is essential for successful treatment.

Nicole and her family will be in our prayers.