Will, Michael Weatherly’s younger brother, passed away. The actor from Bull and former NCIS employee announced his sibling’s tragic passing on April 20 on social media on Saturday. A cause of death was not stated by him.

Weatherly posted a picture of the two brothers and the caption, “My younger brother Will Weatherly shed his mortal coil on April 20th, 2023 and now continues his journey through the universe.”. He has always enjoyed traveling. Friends and family may find it difficult to say goodbye, but we are aware that his memory will bring a smile to many. Brother, rest in peace. ”.

On April 20, 2023, my younger brother Will Weatherly departed this world and is now continuing his astral travels. He has always enjoyed exploring new places. For friends and family, saying goodbye is difficult, but we are aware that his memory will bring a smile. Brother, may you rest in peace. Michael Weatherly (@M_Weatherly), April 29, 2023, image on Twitter: uJ8dBNx5mL.

Fans and friends alike sent condolences to Weatherly, and one even came from her co-star on the NCIS, Tess Rutherford.

‘NCIS’ alum Michael Weatherly mourns death of younger brother Will

His support was always yours, Michael. Little brother, rest in peace. Hope you’re no longer in pain and dancing with the angels. Rutherford wrote, “”.

While the actor has kept his family life private, it is known that he is one of six siblings, including four half-sisters (Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com). Rarely, he uploads a vintage photo of himself with his siblings to social media. He traveled to Thailand in March with his sister Leigh.

Leigh, who is my sister, is hilarious.
Could be isolated to Thailand. Her residence in Boston could also be the cause. Bangkok The journey continues in this year of exploration… image via Twitter, kpwsRFc7yM—Michael Weatherly (@M_Weatherly), February 25, 2023.