Virtually 99% of the time, the actors or actresses in question aren’t related – they just happen to share a particular look that helped them land a spot in front of a camera.

But despite the fact that Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are both well-known actors and may not share much of a resemblance in terms of appearance, there is a growing theory that they may actually be long-lost siblings. At this point, we should probably mention that the actors themselves have contributed to the theory. You might recall from last month that McConaughey openly discussed the possibility that he might be co-star Woody Harrelson’s biological brother.

Woody Harrelson reveals dad’s bombshell hospital comment that might prove Matthew McConaughey’s his brother

However, now that Harrelson has spoken up, it doesn’t seem like his remarks will do much to put out the possibility.

Credit: Getty Images/Santiago Felipe/Contributor In mid-April, Matthew McConaughey claimed that he and Woody Harrelson might actually be siblings, claiming that his mother’s revelation renders the possibility impossible to disprove. The 53-year-old Dallas Buyers Club actor McConaughey claimed his mother hinted at the possibility when she acknowledged knowing Harrelson’s father well, possibly indicating that the two may have engaged in sexual activity at some point in the past. While the families of McConaughey and Harrelson were vacationing in Greece together, McConaughey revealed on Kelly Ripa’s Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast how his dear, elderly mother had dropped the potentially explosive information.

Woody Harrelson reveals dad’s bombshell hospital comment that might prove Matthew McConaughey’s his brother

We’re sitting around in Greece a few years ago talking about how close we are and our families, McConaughey recalled. “And my mother appears, stating, “Woody, I knew your dad. My mother added an ellipsis after “knew,” which everyone could see. It was loaded with K-N-E-W. ”.

Credit: Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic/Stringer Following that admission, McConaughey made the decision to do some research to learn the truth about his ancestry. In fact, the 53-year-old learned that Harrelson’s father was on furlough while his parents were going through their second divorce. McConaughey wasn’t convinced at the time that the two celebrities would undergo DNA testing to finally put the controversy to rest.

McConaughey said, “Look, it’s a little easier for Woody to say, ‘Come on, let’s do DNA tests,’ because what’s the skin in it for him? “I have a little more skin in the game because you’re asking me to take a chance and think, ‘Wait a minute, you’re trying to tell me my dad may not be my dad after 53 years of believing that?'”. ”.

Woody Harrelson reveals dad’s bombshell hospital comment that might prove Matthew McConaughey’s his brother

Credit: Getty ImagesDavid M. Benett / Contributor Harrelson, however, has added fresh fuel to the fire by claiming to Esquire that McConaughey’s father declined to accompany his mother, Kathleen McCabe, to the hospital. Even more reportedly, he told her, “That ain’t my son. Furthermore, Harrelson is much more receptive to the idea of getting a DNA test to determine the truth.

Harrelson stated: “We want to go and test, but for him, it’s a much bigger deal,” in a Stephen Colbert interview. He actually feels as though he is losing his father. But I say, “No, you’re getting a new father and a brother.”. For my part, I’m a huge fan of both McConaughey and Harrelson and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Share this article on Facebook if you agree. In the meantime, let us know your favorite movie that features one or both of the two by leaving a comment in the space provided. READ MORE.