Light-induced illusions are always fascinating. They confuse you or conjure up seemingly impossible images by taking advantage of how your brain naturally works.

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to create optical illusions thanks to technology and developments in our understanding of the brain.

People still swarm for photos, mainly since the Internet and social media emerged. An online argument broke out after one photographer posted an unposed picture.

Tiziana Vergari is a qualified photographer with a base in Switzerland. She recently took several photos for a campaign to raise awareness.

Image 1

The images were created to show how distinct women could be in their artistic expression. The idea that caught people’s attention shows a young woman sitting in a booth beside a mirror. Multiple mirrors in the space give the impression that it is a dressing room.

The trickery is commonplace. The woman’s reflection can be seen in the mirror next to her but can’t be seen in the whole picture because it is hidden. The back-and-forth movement of the light makes the reflections seem infinitely nested into the horizon.

The number of real young women in the image was a topic of discussion among users on social media.

The answer is obvious once you look at the image more closely. Two girls are seated next to one another between the mirrors.

Further reflections make it simple to contrast the two individuals’ postures and facial features.

Despite this, some people claim that the illusion is fake or consists of many different women.

Why do you hurt our heads in such a way, Web?

When you think you’ve had enough of dresses and pandas, someone comes along and invents something new that seems to have been created to perplex people and ignite endless online debates.

Recent Instagram posts by Swiss professional photographer Tiziana Vergari are the most recent in this never-ending stream of online impressions.

As of this writing, about 700 comments have been made on that image, most of which are people attempting to count the number of women still visible in the picture.

No one can agree on how many mirrors there are: three, four, two, or twins.

Vergari was compelled to respond to the comments and provide clarification. Undoubtedly, the picture depicts two siblings gazing into mirrors.