Savannah Phillips is a mother and a wife, and they have two kids. She continues by stating that when she is flying, “I’m not the smallest or the biggest person on the airplane.”.

Because she doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable because they have to sit next to her, Phillips claimed in a Facebook post that she makes an effort “to sit in a row where I don’t have to sit next to anyone.”

In 2018, Phillips’ seat on a flight to Chicago was unavailable. As opposed to this, she was given a chair when she got to the gate. The self-described comic sitting beside her got up when the plane took off to get to her heart because she had a window seat. When he sat back down, she saw him writing an offensive text about Phillips. A moment later, he produced his phone.

The man seated next to her, according to Phillips, “took out his phone (with a large font and the screen’s brightness turned up. ). When his phone was about 12 inches from her face, he began texting someone, complaining that he was seated next to “a smelly fatty.”. Phillips turned to the window and started sobbing.

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Not just Phillips had access to the texts. Chase Irwin, a fellow traveler seated nearby, read the text and watched Phillips’ response. That was the moment he decided to save her.

“Hey- I need to talk to you,” someone behind us abruptly taps the guy’s shoulder and says, according to Phillips. The person seated next to me takes off his headphones.

Someone behind us says, “We’re switching seats”. Now. The person beside me asked, “Okay, why?”. And I overhear someone say, “You’re texting about her, and I’m not putting up with that.”

Irwin tried to comfort Philips as he switched seats with the comedian. I responded that I had read the texts when he asked if I had. He reassured me everything would be alright and counseled me to avoid letting that man get to me.

They talked about their homes, kids, and jobs for the rest of the flight.

Phillips shared the story on Facebook to draw attention to Irwin’s generosity. On News Channel 5, you can find him.