Despite having a long career, Liza Minnelli has suffered many setbacks. The performer struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, heartache, and illness.

She once battled a severe illness for which doctors predicted she would never walk or speak again. The disease and Minnelli’s treatment of it were topics of conversation.

Famous parents raised Minnelli. When she was 14 months old, Minnelli made her on-screen debut in the Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli-produced film The Pirate.

Soon she was performing with her mother before Frank Sinatra and others. After serving on Broadway, Minnelli’s Oscar-winning turn in Cabaret cemented her place in the film industry.

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Just before receiving the award, she said, “You’re nominated, you want to win, but you also want to forget about it until the awards night comes, and nobody lets you; they mean well, but they talk about it all the time.

“They want you to discuss it and market yourself, but I don’t like that. I will say, however, that Cabaret deserves to win; I don’t agree with every choice I made in the role, but the movie as a whole is a complete breakthrough in filmmaking. If you get it, great; if you don’t, how else can you feel about it? “.

After developing viral encephalitis, she was admitted to the hospital.

Thirty years after winning an Oscar, Minnelli was hospitalised with viral encephalitis, which causes brain inflammation.

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Dr Maurice Hanson said, “Liza Minnelli has been a patient here for a few days. As a result of viral encephalitis, she is receiving treatment. She was seriously ill and in good condition, but she is now improving and will be discharged in a few days. “.

According to Minnelli, doctors were worried that Minnelli wouldn’t make it through the illness.

They informed me that I would never be able to walk or talk again.

“When I heard that, everyone left the room, and I turned to face the wall and started saying, ‘A, B, C. ‘”.

Considering I had a rehearsal at Carnegie Hall, that is how it felt. I desire to survive. I’ve always wished I could live. “.

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Two years later, in New York City, she performed her play Liza’s Back in New York City.

Since her bout with viral encephalitis, Minnelli’s performances are now scarce, and she has experienced additional health scares, but she now asserts that she is ageless.

I genuinely have no age. My age is never an issue. “.

Friends of Minnelli have praised her tenacity.

One of Minnelli’s closest friends, Marisa Berenson, described her as a survivor. She constantly spreads her wings and is reborn, just like a phoenix. She is among the most demanding people I know. It’s breathtaking to observe. She is undoubtedly courageous and strong. ”.