Families will celebrate Christmas in a variety of ways. To have the best Christmas, many kids will need to visit Santa and tell him what they want for the holiday. The man in the red outfit is disliked by some, though.

Because they believe that the idea of Santa Claus can be unpleasant, many parents have decided to give up the idea and have reclaimed the responsibility for buying their children Christmas presents. A contentious debate is currently being had about this.

Compared to their parents, grandparents, and even older siblings, parents of young children today have different perspectives. They need to rely on something other than Santa Claus’ enchantment to bring them presents on Christmas morning. On the other hand, some parents come clean with their kids right away.

A problematic video was uploaded to TikTok in December 2021 by user @the. sierramckenzie. In the video, she lists several things she won’t do, including “lying to children about Santa, Santa/Grinch pictures, No presents from Santa…all from mum and dad.”. “.

It’s not surprising that the video attracted a lot of attention. While some people supported McKenzie, others believed she was ruining the party.

One person said, “Why not Santa? It’s fun.”. It is well-liked by kids. My brother feels terrible about what he did to his kids. “.

One person concurred, saying, “Same, never lie to kids about Santa. They know he isn’t real, and they still have a wonderfully magical day.

Some people would instead children remain children. Someone else said, “I’m just going to let my kids get over it as I did.”. It is Christmas magic, complete with cookie-baking, visits from elves, and a trip on an arctic train. “.

“McKenzie lets her little ones partake in holiday activities like making wish lists, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies. “However, she instils in her young children the idea that Santa Claus is merely a mythical character who has no bearing on their holiday, not an all-seeing deity who “sees you when you’re sleeping” and “knows if you’ve been excellent or evil. “.

Many testimonies of people whose parents forbade them from believing in Santa can be found on TikTok if you search for “santaisntreal.”.

One user commented, “My parents have never told me that Santa Claus is real. “They immediately let me know we had bought this for you,” they said. We do not wish for you to accept this. Although I’ve always admired Santa as a person, I’ve never had faith in him. “.

A TikToker responded to a question about how Santa gets down the chimney and why the wrapping paper he used is still in the basement by saying she teaches her kids these things.

The idea of creating the entire universe in one night while eating all those cookies may seem absurd, but does this harm anyone? According to Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of The Gentle Parenting Book, parents need to exercise caution. She told the New York Post that the idea of the entire song is about pouting, crying, and Santa watching isn’t a good one.

The author forewarned kids that saying, “I’ll tell Santa on you!” will only ruin the holiday spirit and cause stress for both parents and kids. “The threats increase until parents decide between ruining Christmas by carrying them out and coming off as inconsistent pushovers or retracting their previous statements. “.

It is not necessary to remove Santa’s magic. Each family is given the option to select their own brand of Christmas magic. “Ho, Ho, Ho” and reindeer are two things that some people associate with Christmas. While some people want to claim all the glory, others prefer to split the work between their parents.

Not to mention that it is a profoundly religious occasion for many. Others should be allowed to celebrate Christmas, whether or not Santa Claus is dishonest, out of respect for their traditions. Make every effort not to let the believers down, though.