Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty hope that Mia’s fourteenth surgery will be her final one. The young adult is now recovering at home and living a normal life after being admitted to the hospital earlier in July.

It took thirteen surgeries to treat Mia’s cleft lip and palate. Her family is upfront and honest about the arduous journey they took to get here. To guarantee that kids all over the world can smile throughout their lives, she started the Mia Moo Fund.

A few days prior to Mia’s July 8th surgery, Missy, Mia’s mother, wrote a message on Instagram with the subject line “People ask me, “How many more operations does Mia have left?” expressing her skepticism about how many more procedures would be required before they could finally call this journey to an end.

Prayers are necessary. Mia Robertson will undergo her 14th surgical procedure

Mia expressed a more positive outlook on Instagram. She expressed her hope that this would be her final visit to her doctor’s office in her letter, stating that she had endured a difficult journey to get there.

Significant improvements had been made, according to her mother, in her daughter’s situation, which had gotten even more complicated since Mia turned 18 and took control of all communications and medical paperwork. After having this experience, Missy realized she needed God’s help and couldn’t rely on herself alone.

Although the journey had been challenging, she expressed her gratitude for the lessons it had taught her, knowing that the Lord would always provide a solution if she asked for one.

Prayers are necessary. Mia Robertson will undergo her 14th surgical procedure

Jase Robertson, the charming host of the Unashamed podcast, recently talked about his daughter Mia’s recovery from an operation. She had finished her surgery and was recuperating at home, he joyfully announced on July 9th, asking listeners to please remember her and the rest of their family in their prayers. He proudly concluded by saying that Mia had won in “every way” before making his announcement. “.

While this was going on, Missy Robertson informed her Instagram followers earlier this year of another significant change in their family: accepting guardianship of a child whose biological mother was found to be unfit to care for the child.

Prayers are necessary. Mia Robertson will undergo her 14th surgical procedure

They were still giving this baby, who had been welcomed into the loving arms of the Robertson family on June 25, daily care and support. They would be taking care of this new addition for a while, according to Missy’s statement at the time.