Chrissy Teigen’s 39 million Instagram followers have continued to hear about her pregnancy.

The 36-year-old pregnant cover model made an ideal model parent in a white silk floral top as she posed for pictures and gave followers updates on her health.

This just occurred yesterday. The model wrote alongside two gorgeous self-portraits, “I have two sick babies today, and I’m coughing up blood!”.

A wall covered in magazine covers of Teigen was the backdrop for her photo.

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The model had a center part in her long, wavy brunette hair and wore pink lip tint and bronze makeup.

Chrissy previously mentioned that she experienced digestive issues while she was pregnant.

The creator of Cravings is feeling better after receiving “acid reflux tape” from her chiropractor who specializes in pregnancies, Dr. Elliot Berlin.

To draw attention to the black tape that was purposefully placed across Teigen’s growing baby bump, she appeared completely naked on Instagram. She covered her breasts with her arm as she bent over the bathroom counter to take the picture in the mirror.

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Teigen talked openly about her digestive issues and how eating the wrong foods can be crippling back in October.

“I’ve lived the life of a spoiled, rotten stomach. I could make anything with it, including street meat, landlocked sushi, smelly food, 5-second rule floor food, ghost pepper competitions, and a variety of shots, she admitted on Instagram.

“My tummy, and she was strong. I can survive on half a cherry tomato for 12 hours. “.

Teigen expressed gratitude for being her baby’s “rental home” despite the discomfort. “.

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After receiving IVF treatment earlier this year, she joyfully announced in August that she and Legend were expecting their third child.

Luna, their six-year-old daughter, and Miles, their four-year-old son, are already members of the family.

The baby will be the couple’s fourth since they had an abortion with their third child, Jack, at 20 weeks of gestation after their doctor informed them that she and the unborn child would not survive otherwise.

According to Teigen’s previous claims, Jack suffered complications from a partial placental abruption, which happens when the placenta separates from the womb and deprives the baby of oxygen while causing the mother to bleed out excessively.

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She has been posting updates about her pregnancy and other recent happenings in her and Legend’s expanding family on Instagram.