You’ve probably heard of Elvis Presley, an American singer and actor. Although most people are familiar with Elvis, many adore the artist’s ex-wife, Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla Presley’s life is intriguing, if not strange. Her father, Navy pilot James Wagner, perished in a plane crash just months before she was born. Ann, Priscilla’s mother, was taken aback. In 1948, she remarried Paul Beaulieu, a Canadian Air Force lieutenant. Priscilla’s family only appeared to remain in one location, and she travelled several times before opting to stay in Germany. At the time, Priscilla was a teen.

On the other hand, Priscilla attended Del Valley Junior High School in Austin, Texas. After meeting Elvis Presley in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1959, she graduated from high school in 1963 and married him in 1967. She met her future husband when she was 14 years old.

They were married six years before the artist died, and they had a daughter, Lisa Marie. Lisa is 54 years old right now.

Following Elvis Presley’s death in August 1977, Priscilla chose to pursue a career in acting and enrolled at the Malaga School of Dramatic Art. She has participated in various advertising campaigns, including one for the well-known hair product brand Wella.

Priscilla received a sizable wealth after her ex-husband died, including the Graceland house in Memphis. She decided to turn the house into a museum rather than live in it. Her decision was wise because the museum attracts visitors from all around the world.

Priscilla released “Elvis and Me,” a biographical book about Elvis Presley, in 1985. Priscilla, on the other hand, is a businesswoman. Therefore, she attempted to have as many enterprises as possible, which is why she started her perfume brand in the 1990s. She also runs a clothing and cosmetics business.

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Her latest spotlight drew attention to her. Elvis Presley’s ex-wife is currently 77 years old, and her most recent appearance was at the Met Gala 2022, a well-known and internationally viewed event. The Met Gala was held on May 2 in New York and was attended by the world’s most recognised celebrities. Priscilla Presley chose to wear all black to the occasion and was accompanied by Austin Butler, a well-known young American actor.

Because Priscilla hasn’t made many public appearances in recent years, photographers were drawn to her when she walked the red carpet.

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As previously stated, Priscilla chose to wear black to the Met Gala. She is a fashionista. Therefore, she determined that Prada should design her gown. Can you ever go wrong with Prada?

She was dressed in a black headband, a dark handbag, and a vast yellow stone ring on her right hand.

Many assumed that Benjamin Storm Keough’s death prompted Priscilla’s decision to wear solely black in 2020 at 27.

Benjamin Presley was Elvis Presley’s and Priscilla Presley’s grandson.

Anna Lillian Iversen, Priscilla’s mother, died in August 2021 at 95.

These losses in her life could have impacted Priscilla’s decision to wear black to the Met Gala.

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Priscilla had a solid relationship with her mother, as seen by her posts on Facebook after her mother died, expressing how much she would miss her mother. “She was the sunshine of our life,” Priscilla said of her mother. “She never wanted any spotlight on herself,” she said. “Her children were everything to her”, and “May you rest in peace, mama. You will always be with us “.

Elvis, a film starring Austin Butler as the legendary Elvis Presley, will be released in June 2022. That’s probably why Austin joined Priscilla at the 2022 Met Gala. Priscilla Presley also attended the film’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival, where she was ecstatic about everything. Priscilla expressed her excitement for the film and shed tears as she remembered her ex-husband through it. She also believes Austin is a good fit for the post. Priscilla also stated that she and her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, watched the movie trailer numerous times. They were both incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to see how others reacted to the film.

Priscilla claims she could recall numerous memories with the help of this film, recollections she hadn’t thought about in a long time. She is delighted that her and Elvis’ grandchildren will be able to witness a small portion of their grandfather’s life.

The film will almost certainly be a smash hit, and many of us will learn more about Elvis. If you didn’t know the movie Elvis was coming out, you could watch the trailer, which is quite good.