After discovering a black mark on the top of her daughter’s mouth, Darian Depreta took her to the hospital. The physicians initially mistook it for a birthmark upon first glance. Nonetheless, the father refused to accept this explanation, believing the spot could not be a birthmark.

After numerous failed attempts to schedule another appointment, the concerned couple finally planned another visit to the doctor to have their daughter thoroughly inspected.

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“While playing with Bella today, I noticed a smear on her mouth. I tried wiping it away to see if it would go away, but it didn’t. I then phoned everyone and scheduled a 30-minute consultation with the doctor.” – The mother starts telling her experience on Facebook.

The mother continues her narrative on Facebook, explaining in detail the day she first spotted the stain in her daughter’s mouth. “We normally enjoy playing games together, and most involve a lot of laughing and singing. I sensed something was wrong when Bella began singing her favourite song. I believed she didn’t eat the candy I had just given her, but then I understood it was something else and decided to take her to the doctor.”

When she arrived at the doctor’s office, the nurse attempted to wipe the black spot with an ENT control stick. When he refused to go, the doctor sought advice from the girl.

They initially informed her mother that it was a sign of impending delivery, but she refused to trust them. The mother maintains that the stain showed later since she cleans her daughter’s mouth daily.

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Obtaining a second opinion from the doctors

“I informed both the nurse and the doctor that it couldn’t be a birthmark because I’d seen them before. No, that stain wasn’t there before; it simply appeared, and I’m afraid it’s something nasty.” – The mother was dissatisfied with a simple explanation, such as a blemish, and sought a second opinion. But it wasn’t as simple as that because the doctor refused to schedule another visit.

“I was promised that two experts would meet with my daughter. The doctors contacted her again after she insisted it wasn’t a birthmark. “I explained that the stain is slightly white around the edges and that my child tries to scratch it with her fingers in her mouth,” the mother said.

A happy conclusion

When the physicians discovered what that dark stain was, the entire hospital burst out laughing.

The couple was correct; it was not a birthmark found in their daughter’s mouth. That was a piece of cardboard from a box the young girl had chewed with her teeth.

The parents were ecstatic and burst out laughing at the news. They also expressed regret to the doctor for wasting their time.