Fans of the Little Rascals remake from the early 1990s will recall the awkward, gangly, cute, crooning boy who won our tiny 10-year-old hearts with his bow ties and suspenders. Bug Hall, who portrayed Alfalfa, has matured considerably in the two decades since.

That’s an understatement. Alfalfa became a full-fledged lumbersexual when he grew older, married, became an uncle, acted as a villain on Criminal Minds, had his child, and a slew of other stuff. Let’s look at his activities since joining the co-ed “He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

Lindsay Lohan co-starred alongside Bug Hall in the unforgettable 2002 Disney Channel Original Film Get a Clue while she was still a budding Disney star. Lohan portrayed the stereotypical rich, famous New York City high school student who grows fond of Hall’s adorable nerdy character, whom she first loathed. The two are still working together to unravel the mystery of their beloved teacher’s demise.


Hall had yet to fully embrace his new “lumbersexual” look—a man with a beard and flannels who does not work as a lumberjack—but he had already abandoned much of his Little Rascal identity.

Hall discarded his child star persona when he was cast as the lead in American Pie Presents The Book of Love, a direct-to-video sequel to the 1999 picture that permanently revolutionised the teen comedy—and pastry—industry.

Hall’s character and his two best friends in The Book of Love spend the entire film hitting the American Pie beats, which include a virginity-loss agreement, gross-out humour, and awkward adolescent sexual encounters akin to Jason Biggs’ iconic pie love scene, but with a peanut butter sandwich instead.

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Hall discussed his experiences while filming the film, describing it as one of his “all-time favourites.” According to Hall, original cast member Eugene Levy made a cameo appearance in the sixth episode and served as a mentor.

Hall, who was in his early twenties at the time of filming, did score another perk.

“We had more fun than we could handle,” Hall remarked.

“Everyone in the cast got along great, and there were some naked women, right? After all, I’ve had boobs in my face at work. “I doubt you have much to be upset about.”


What good is a biker if he doesn’t have a beard? Before Justin Timberlake transitioned into “Man of the Woods,” Hall and a few other cosplayers for the character pioneered the “lumbersexual” aesthetic by donning plaid shirts, slathering on beard oil, and dressing up as woodsmen.

Given that the internet is mainly fuelled by ’90s nostalgia and cat memes, the appearance of the child who represented Alfalfa after years of relative obscurity and resembled a cross between Paul Bunyan and a Brooklyn barber was an important event.

Hall capitalised on his furry reappearance by tweeting photos like the one above and this emotive Instagram snap reminiscing on his “beard days,” both of which went viral.


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Hall has returned to his clean-shaven appearance, but don’t worry—he exudes the same level of manliness that he had when he had a gorgeous beard.

Marriage with a capital M is one of the most prominent indicators of maturity. Hall married Jill Marie DeGroff on February 11, 2017.

He honoured the event on Instagram with photographs from their wedding and luxurious vacation in the French countryside.


“The only genuine change in the world is the light from within and around,” one great caption from Hall’s online wedding album remarked. Travelling throughout the world with a fresh candle by my side has been the greatest joy of my life.” Aww!

The young man who portrayed Alfalfa didn’t get Darla, but he is now a fearless biker with a hideous beard and a hopeless romantic. That’s how you go from being a child star to becoming a man! Macaulay Culkin, are you taking notes?

In some respects, Hall is the selfie king. Check out his Instagram; he likes to share old photos with his followers and live a selfie life. On Twitter, he’s become known as the “Garbage Philosopher,” dispensing wise words like:

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“When terrible things happen to good people, we are reminded not that bad things happen, but that compassion is unique.” He is a social being who has mastered the art of Instagram.


These are not the wise remarks of a child celebrity but rather the thoughts of an educated adult. However, it’s not all Existentialism 101 on Hall’s social media pages. He is also good at self-promotion, political debate, and live-streaming recordings of his taco dinner. We know this because Hall is open about his personal life on social media. Hall and his wife welcomed their first child, a gorgeous baby girl, in November 2017.

Hall revealed her pregnancy on Instagram in March 2017 with the remark, “Our little rascal is only 6 centimetres, but I love this small living human being already.”

Despite moving to Hollywood when he was nine years old, Hall is a native Texan who still considers Texas his home. From Los Angeles to his boyhood home in North Texas, he has travelled halfway across the country “20 or so” times on a crotch rocket.

Hall told the Star-Telegram that despite his no longer living in Texas, he will always be a Longhorn at heart. I’ve spent maybe two of the last four years in Texas.


“Of course, I board a flight as soon as they summon me back to work. Nothing beats sitting outside on my grandfather’s property and watching the sunset over the hills. At ease at ease at home.


Hall is supposed to have exchanged his cherished childhood two-wheeler for a motorised killing machine. On Twitter in August 2013, Hall posted the photograph below from his first motorbike accident in 2003.

Hall fractured 17 bones while riding his hog. Hall has been a lifelong fan and claims to have “totaled” 12 of his 16 bikes.

Although Hall appears to be a walking advertisement for motorbikes, his enthusiasm for them has remained strong since he purchased his first motorcycle, a Honda Shadow, when he was 14.


“I’ve driven across the country over ten times,” he remarked in 2016.


Furthermore, Hall previously remarked that he “would rather ride than work,” so it’s not unexpected that when he was cast as Arthur Davidson in the Discovery Channel miniseries Harley and the Davidsons in early 2016, his personal and professional lives finally collided.

Playing a Harley-Davidson pioneer was not only a dream job for Hall but also seemed destined for him. Hall has a soft spot for Harleys because he has been a rider his entire life.


In addition to his apparent aptitude to ride the early model hogs, Hall also brought some mechanical insight to the attempt.


The shoot, however, was not without incident. The miniseries, which takes place in the early 1900s, showcases a variety of early types of bikes, many of which lacked brakes and other modern safety features.


Hall claimed that his arrogant misunderstanding of the bikes’ inherent danger prompted him to take a corner too quickly, “come down hard,” and sustain a shattered collarbone, bringing his total lifetime of broken bones to 26.

Despite being in a sling, Hall told Collider that a “once-in-a-lifetime moment” forever impacted his perspective on Harleys.

It’s the kind of thing that, according to Hall, will forever change your perspective on that object. “These things will always be connected with motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidsons,” the author concluded.

Hall continued by saying that he and “a few other guys” are “still writing and doing stuff” while seeking new television chances. Hall has no writing or producing credits on his IMDb as of this writing. Hall believes that if you are passionate about something, you should go after it.


As a leader and producer of his passion projects, Hall has a lot in store for us.