The Duchess of Alba is well-known for her beautiful appearance. People, however, had no idea how affluent this enigmatic lady was.

Behind the billions of money, marriages, toyboys and plastic surgery, her remarkable life tale will leave you amazed.

People associate many luxurious things with the Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James she was most recognised for being one of the most exciting royals.

Let us begin by looking at her terrible childhood. Cayetana, born in Spain, acquired most of her titles after her mother died of illness in 1934.

Cayetanawa was only eight years old when her mother died, so her memories of her were hazy.


A difficult childhood

The young Duchess had a traumatic and troubled childhood, although she remained close to her father.

When the Spanish Royal Family, and her father escaped to France, Spain’s monarchy was overthrown that same year, and a democratic republic was created. Her memories of her time in France were not pleasant. Things improved when her father relocated to England.

While in London, Cayetana received an outstanding education and learnt to speak English, French, German, and Italian.

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During these years, she formed ties among London’s socialite circles, including the beginnings of her friendship with Princess Margaret.

Cayetana was a direct descendant of English King James II, which facilitated encounters with relatives, including Sir Winston Churchill. Cayetana’s playmate was Queen Elizabeth II.

Margaret has a reputation for being a bit of a tomboy, and she has a reputation for being a bit of a rebel.

Cayetana married Pedro Luis Martnez de Irujo y Artacoz, an aristocratic Spanish family member, when she was 21.

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Extravagant Wedding

Their wedding was dubbed “the most costly wedding in the world” by the international press. Crowds lined the streets when Cayetana arrived in a horse-drawn carriage at Seville’s towering cathedral.

The pair embarked on a six-month honeymoon in Hollywood, where she met Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, and a teenage Marilyn Monroe.

“She did not leave an effect on me,” the Spanish aristocrat subsequently said about Monroe.

Cayetana, on the other hand, adored Marlene Dietrich, whom she regarded as a “veritable goddess”.

Cayetana maintained contact with high-profile celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy when she visited Spain.

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The Duchess had six children with her first husband, Pedro, and she was devastated when Pedro died unexpectedly in 1972.

However, six years passed, and she found love again and married Jesús Aguirre y Ortiz de Zarate, which wasn’t looked on favourably as he was called a gold digger and a toyboy.

“Some people will never forgive me for marrying a smart man. We are quite happy together; we do not need anyone else,” according to Cayetana.

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The Duchess of Cambridge continued to appear at numerous functions, her grey, curly hair, colourful design outfits, and hippie-bohemian attire standing out in the ordinarily rigid world of European royals. Unfortunately, the Duchess suffered another heartbreak in 2001 when her second husband died, leaving her lonely and heartbroken.

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“We are not hurting anyone. Alfonso does not want anything, and he renounces everything. Caution is advised when using this service.

Even Ruler Juan Carlos of Spain dubbed him a gold-digger, unprecedented for a king to say openly.

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Cayetana ensured that her children received their proper inheritance before marrying Alfonso, making him vow not to demand any of the Duchess’ riches. In October 2011, at age 85, Cayetana tied the wedding at a simple ceremony. Cayetana died three years later, on November 19, 2014.

When her remains were laid to rest at Seville’s Town Hall, thousands of people came to show their sorrow.

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Plastic Surgery

In one of the Duchess’s first public photos, we find a confident young woman sitting straight, radiating royalty and natural beauty.

Although she denied plastic surgery, Cayetana elected to go under the knife to maintain her youthfulness which made her face tighter to cover wrinkles.

Everyone agreed that she had utilised plastic surgery for a long time.

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“She certainly went too far,” a buddy explained.

Cayetana had her lips filled, her wrinkles erased, and her brow elevated.


Net Worth

The Duchess of Alba’s fortune was reported to be between €600 million and €3.5 billion. She commanded a massive wealth and owned various castles around Spain.

The Liria Palace in Madrid, completed in 1770, was one of her most famous properties.

Cayetana was born in the neoclassical palace, which is thought to house 249 oil paintings by artists such as Rembrandt and Rubens.

Despite her enormous income, the Duchess believed she could have been more wealthy.

“I have many paintings, but I can’t eat them, can I?” She stated.