When young people are killed in car accidents, it is tragic. A little kid was killed in this miserable misfortune, and various others were likewise stung.

The security cameras of Shawn Walker recorded everything that went wrong. In the video, a pickup truck is seen voyaging north on Kostner before being struck head-on by a taken Hyundai Sonata. The Sonata was brought to a stop by a light pole after it collided with a large tree.

Walker claims that we began performing CPR because the infant could not breathe. The mother stated, “Getting the baby’s pulse back was my main concern.”

The Cook County Medical Examiner identified the 6-month-old boy as Cristian Uvidia. The infant was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital on Monday afternoon.

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Only one day before the sad occasion, as per his family, the newborn child became a half year old, who addressed the media.

The family was saved by firefighters who quickly reached the collision scene. Their conditions were listed in order of severity and criticality as they rushed to the hospital.

Police spent more than four hours interviewing witnesses and gathering information at the accident scene.

Detained were two suspects connected to the stolen Hyundai. Both the 14- and 17-year-old boys were minors. They were accused of possessing a vehicle that had been stolen.

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A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for Cristian’s funeral.

The sad occasions were portrayed exhaustively. “He suffered from an impact that fractured his skull, causing his brain to swell and eventually killed him” was the explanation for how he died.

The assertion proceeded, “We are crushed and broken. Everyone he met loved him, and we will miss his sweet smile.

“Part of the money will also go toward medical expenses, as mom and sisters are currently hospitalized with injuries but in stable condition,” reads the description.

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This story is appalling. We wish the family peace during their time of healing from this terrible loss. Please join us in praying for this family.