In an argument over the family’s assets and ownership of the Las Vegas company featured on the long-running reality TV show “Pawn Stars,” Rick Harrison’s mother allegedly filed a lawsuit against him. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Harrison’s attorneys filed a civil lawsuit in a Nevada state court on behalf of Harrison’s mother, Joanne Harrison. The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Rick Harrison, Harrison Properties, and JoRich Properties are a few of the individuals and companies listed as defendants.

Rick Harrison told the newspaper, “I believe people are taking advantage of my 81-year-old mother for their own gain. The accusations are unfounded. “.

Rick Harrison of the ‘Pawn Stars’ has some bad news

According to the breach-of-contract claim, Joanne Harrison was married to the late Richard Harrison, also known as “The Old Man” on the show, for 58 years before he passed away. One of the couple’s three sons, Rick Harrison, is accused of pressuring her into giving him the 51 percent ownership interest in the pawn shop while she was hospitalized in either 2000 or 2001.

A 2009 History Channel program featuring the Harrison family’s grandson Richard Corey Harrison and a close family friend named Austin “Chumlee” Russell was filmed at the business. In accordance with the lawsuit, after Richard Harrison passed away in 2018, Joanne Harrison acquired his 49 percent ownership interest in the pawn shop. Rick Harrison hasn’t given her all the records of the company’s financial dealings, though. Additionally, according to Joanne Harrison, she has been unable to get a precise accounting of the more than $500,000 in cash and silver that her husband is said to have amassed prior to his passing.

In addition to asking the court to enjoin Rick Harrison from using Joanne Harrison’s money, the lawsuit also asks for specific damages, an accounting of assets, and “a constructive trust” over any property that Joanne Harrison owns.