Family members of Lisa Marie Presley and people all over the world have been in mourning since her untimely passing. However, tragedy has its share of drama, just like any other family. You may be aware that Riley Keough’s last will was challenged by Priscilla Presley after learning that the late singer had altered it in 2016—apparently without the 77-year-old’s knowledge. Benjamin Keough, the late son of Riley and Lisa Marie, has taken over as co-trustee of the late actress’s estate in place of Priscilla and her former business manager, the actress’s mother claims.

Current plans state that the Daisy Jones and The Six actress will receive her mother’s trust-managed estate, which includes the roughly $31 million in life insurance proceeds that Lisa Marie left behind, in addition to her mother’s estate.

Riley Keough makes a radical decision in the aftermath of her mother Lisa Marie’s death

But what is her response to her grandmother’s objection to the will? Dissatisfied, as Priscilla feels about the amendment in the first place. Apparently, Riley is “disappointed” in Elvis Presley’s ex-wife and feels that by contesting the will, she is going against “her mother’s wishes.” This is according to a source close to Entertainment Tonight. This is from the source:.

Riley thinks that, despite her efforts to preserve the family’s unity and Lisa Marie’s legacy, her grandmother’s actions are further dividing the family. She wants to be friends with Priscilla, but the two of them are not close. “What about splitting the family up? The exact opposite is what Priscilla asserted in a statement to PageSix on Thursday. She insisted that she was making every effort to keep her family together. The insider didn’t stop there, though. Lisa Marie asserts that she and her mother did not get along and that their relationship was “complicated”:.

“Priscilla and Lisa Marie did not share an intimate or close relationship. Lisa Marie’s relationship with her mother was undoubtedly strained as a result of Lisa Marie’s struggles. Lisa Marie frequently got the impression that Priscilla was trying to control her. The singer of Lights Out believed her mother tried to control her constantly, and it seems like she still does. The 2016 amendment appears to have been motivated by their tense relationship. Riley and Benjamin were always supposed to receive money from the trust, according to Lisa. Because her kids meant the world to her, she would do anything for them.

So many factors to take into account in such a challenging situation. Dealing with family conflicts doesn’t make losing a loved one any less difficult. The family is on our minds.