Robert Redford is looking for consolation from his family following the death of his son James, who fought cancer for several years.

According to reports, James, a 58-year-old filmmaker, passed away suddenly on Friday due to bile duct cancer that manifested in his liver.

Robert Redford “is mourning alongside his family during this horrible time and wishes for privacy,” according to a spokesperson for the actor. “.

The speaker said, “The pain that comes with losing a child is indescribable.

“Jamie was a loving son, husband, and father who was devoted to his family. His children will carry on his legacy, as well as the artwork, movies, and unwavering dedication to protecting the environment that he created. “.

According to Kyle, James’s wife, “James’s cancer was discovered in November of last year while he was waiting for a liver transplant as a result of the recurrence of his liver condition two years earlier.”.

Jamie passed away today, Kyle tweeted. He had a satisfying, fulfilling life and was adored by many people. Everyone will sorely miss him. “.

“I am most thankful for the two wonderful children that we had the good fortune to raise together over the course of my 32 years as his wife. Without their help, I have no idea what we would have accomplished in the last two years. “.

James, also known as Jamie, has reportedly battled some health issues since he was young. According to information on his IMDb profile, he was identified with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a remarkably uncommon autoimmune disease that harms the liver.

In 1993, he underwent not one but two liver transplants. Subsequently, he established the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness, a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to raise public awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation.


The two children, Dylan and Lena, and Robert Redford’s third child, James, are still living.

There should never be a parent who has to go through the unbearable grief that comes with losing a child. Robert Redford and the rest of James’s family are in my thoughts and prayers during this traumatic time. You all have my deepest sympathy.

James, may you rest in peace and find solace in the Lord’s garden in your hour of need.