Fans of Celine Dion last heard from her a while ago. The 54-year-old musician was scheduled to take the stage at several American performances, followed by a European tour, but these occasions were ultimately cancelled.

Since November 2017, Celine Dion has been developing severe health issues. Her performances had to be postponed once more after she first experienced lower back spasms and then developed autophony, a hearing disorder.

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The autophony caused the widow of René Angélil to experience a buzzing sensation in her head, followed by an unpleasant echo of her speech, breathing, and even heartbeat. She had no intention of returning to the stage after the Covid-19 pandemic, which put an end to all of her plans.

Celine Dion previously discussed her need for therapy for “muscle spasms” in a video posted on Instagram, but what about right now, with her mounting medical issues?

Her explanations did not persuade fans at the time as they noticed her waning voice and pale skin. Celine has since disappeared from the public eye. After a few months of no news, her sister Claudette finally broke the silence.

The most recent details on the adored celebrity were revealed in an interview by Celine Dion’s sister. As a result, Claudette acknowledged that her sister had recently been going through a very trying time. She does indeed experience muscle spasms; I have seen her twisted limbs firsthand. “.
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According to Claudette, who also explains her issues, Celine Dion has spent 16 years climbing the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It would have a shape that “may have affected her nerves or pelvic muscles,” claimed Claudette Dion. “.

“She’s treated, she gets lots of massages, she uses it, and she’s loved,” the woman who doubles as Celine Dion’s godmother said. “I frequently believe that we would be aware if Celine wasn’t feeling well. “.

She went on to say, “She could not have possibly kept it from us. According to Claudette Dion, the health problems that René Angélil’s widow is experiencing are only short-lived.