The foul-mouthed comedian and blue-collar TV queen Roseanne Barr’s daughter has spoken candidly about her upbringing with them, recalling how they sent her to reform schools and mental health facilities for “acting out.”.

In an interview with People published on Wednesday, Jenny Pentland, 45, disclosed that between the ages of 13 and 18, she was moved to several reform schools, psychiatric clinics, and even a wilderness boot camp.

She acknowledged being incarcerated in the piece.

In her soon-to-be-published memoir, This Will Be Funny Later, Pentland, who has since repaired her relationship with her parents Bill Pentland, goes into more detail.

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Barr’s daughter claimed she was expelled for “acting out,” which she partly blamed on the issues brought on by her mother’s unanticipated fame and success as the star of the enduring television series Roseanne.

She claims that her parents took her to several facilities because they were recommended in the book, which will be released on January 18, by educational and behavioural specialists.

I chewed cigarettes, cut my arms, and was obnoxious. I was also receiving poor grades. Put, I was depressed. “.

In their marriage, which lasted from 1974 until 1990, Barr, 69, and Pentland had three kids. They go by the names Jenny, Jessica, and Jake. She later wed the comedian Tom Arnold, and the two separated in 1994.

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She later wed Ben Thomas, with whom she had a son named Jake between 1995 and 2000. Before her first marriage, she gave birth to a daughter who goes by the name of Brandi Brown.

Jenny Pentland asserts in her book that after robbing Barr of their car and taking it for a joyride, her older sister was admitted to a mental hospital in Los Angeles.

She said, “I think there was a fear of us spinning out of control.

Pentland claimed that due to seeing and experiencing physical and mental abuse at several of the facilities where she was housed, she was diagnosed with PTSD.

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Even though all those facilities have since been shut down or taken over by the new administration, she insisted that “the worst abuse I feel I suffered was having my free will be taken away — the loss of freedom.”.

By being honest about her adolescent experiences, she hopes to raise awareness of these harmful behaviours.

Pentland continued, “These places are still there, and I don’t want it to go on. I don’t lament the things I’ve lost anymore. I consider what other people might lose if nothing changes or what they currently stand to lose. “.

Pentland’s life has unquestionably become better. The couple’s five sons are Eitan, Cosmo, Otis, Buster, and Ezra. She is married to Jeff.

She added that she now has a stronger bond with both of her parents than she did in the past.

Her mother, meanwhile, has kept a low profile in the three years since her ABC show was cancelled three years ago due to the comedian’s racial slur tweet directed at Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to former President Barack Obama, which was published in May 2018.