She appreciates everything.

One week after undergoing her fourth spinal surgery, the former Little House, 56, reflected on everything.

Gilbert shared a video of the Nov. 19 treatment with the caption, “Though it is clear that this procedure for me has been a life-changing event.”

“Despite being separated from my loved ones this Thanksgiving, I am immensely grateful. “I am aware that this is only a temporary separation and that by the following Thanksgiving, I will also be free of pain and restrictions to cooking food, play games, and enjoying the holiday,” she added. “Best wishes and keep safe. Oceans of love are being sent your way.”


Gilbert issued another health update the next day, explaining that she had flown from California, where she underwent surgery, to New York, where she was tested for the new coronavirus.

“I flew from California four days ago after receiving a negative test result three days prior. If this test returns negative, I’m allowed to be in the same room! ” She composed herself. “Continuing to stay a safe distance due to the predicted 14-day incubation period. But I’m getting there, and I’m quite hopeful!”

Gilbert was fortunate in that the outcomes were adverse. “Yeeeeeehaw!!! I can get upstate to our house. “We simply need to be cautious and careful for the next ten days, and then we can go home,” she wrote on Saturday. I can’t wait to embrace my hubby.

Gilbert recently told PEOPLE that she became aware that anything was wrong when she began to experience “numbness and tingling in the three middle fingers of my right hand.” Gilbert needed another surgery after a third spinal fusion failed in 2016.

Mellisa at Hospital

There was nothing except anguish. My entire neck would occasionally lock up. I wouldn’t be able to raise my head or turn to the right or left because it would tighten or flare up.”

Gilbert, on the other hand, stated that she has been “feeling fantastic” since the operation.

Now that I was at ease, she explained what it’d be all about. “I don’t want to cause any complications. As a result, I must proceed with caution.”

Gilbert has a history of neck and back difficulties due to injuries sustained in 2012. She suffered whiplash and a concussion after falling on Dancing with the Stars. A month later, the balcony of a property she was renting in Studio City collapsed over her head.

“There is no way around it.” PEOPLE, according to the actress But I’ve made a conscious decision not to live my life in fear, I explained.

When asked what she is most looking forward to in the future, Gilbert said she is “very delighted” to be able to play with her soon-to-be grandchild.

She expressed her joy at being able to see them freely so she could embrace her darling grandchild and give them both hugs and kisses. “I recently became a grandmother. I get to wrestle and play. So I want to be able to do it to the best of my abilities.”