“I recently received another inaccurate diagnosis and treatment. Stone wrote on Instagram in November 2022, “Double epidural this time. “I sought a second opinion due to my pain getting worse, and the results revealed that I have a massive fibroid tumor that needs to be removed. Don’t be turned off, especially ladies. Obtain a second viewpoint. It might be able to save your life. “.

Sharon Stone will have surgery to remove a sizable fibroid growth from her body after receiving the incorrect diagnosis.

The Basic Instinct actress, now 64, is receiving therapy after having a stroke and brain haemorrhage 21 years ago that almost claimed her life.

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She is now urging her followers to visit doctors for second opinions after admitting that the new tumour, which appears in or near the womb, was found in her body due to an earlier medical mistake. The growth on her body, according to her, was discovered.

She updated her Instagram Stories followers on her health condition, writing that she had “just had another misdiagnosis and incorrect procedure” and had been given “double epidural” therapy to ease her pain.

She continued by saying that as her pain increased, she sought a second opinion from a different medical professional, who informed her that she had a “large fibroid tumour” that “must be removed.”. “.

Do not get blown off, the actress pleaded to her 30.4 million Instagram followers, addressing the situation specifically to women. “Consult with a different physician. It might be able to save your life. “.

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For one to six weeks, Sharon expected it would take her to get over the unpleasant experience. It’s all good, she said in conclusion, thanking her audience for their concern. ”.

Earlier this year, Sharon, the mother of Roan, 22, Laird, 17, and Quinn, 16, who were adopted, revealed that she had miscarried nine times and lost every pregnancy.

Her 2021 book, The Beauty of Living Twice, which discussed her additional health issues, was released. She mentioned in the book that in 2001, benign tumours were removed from her body. She described the tumours as “gigantic,” claiming that one of her breasts could fit inside.

She suffered a stroke, and brain bleeds in the same year.