Emma Caulfield disclosed that she has MS in a statement.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, 49, discussed why she chose to keep her health issues a secret for more than ten years in a recent interview. She revealed her diagnosis and discussed her decision.

2010 saw Caulfield undergo an MRI because she was experiencing an odd sensation on the left side of her face.

I returned a missed call from the doctor’s office, Caulfield told the newspaper, and he told her, “You have MS. “.

“I had the impression that I was not in my body. No, that won’t work, I reply. But you might get a second opinion. “What exactly do you mean?”. It was practically a nightmare,’ she continued. “I pondered, “Am I going to die? “.

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Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects the brain’s and spinal cord’s central nervous systems, making it difficult for sufferers to think, feel, control their movements, see clearly, and maintain their balance. Numbness, tremor, and lack of coordination are a few symptoms.

Each MS case is unique, with some people experiencing minor symptoms and others becoming severely disabled.

Caulfield stated she didn’t want to allow anyone not to hire her, so she concealed her illness. “.

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Many factors that make hiring a terrible idea have yet to be discovered by most performers. “You make me think of my former girlfriend. You are much too tall. “You come across as being too strict. You appear to be too kind. Your eyes are not the right colour. “.

She is ready to share her story because she no longer wants to keep her MS a secret, according to the 6-year-old daughter she has with her husband, WandaVision actor Mark Leslie Ford, who told the publication.

She said, “I’m so sick of not being honest.”. In addition, having a daughter has altered my perspective, as every parent can attest. I know she only has a 30% chance of contracting this; it is all down to luck. She just started first grade. It brought to mind how joyful and energetic she is. She is a genuinely remarkable little person. “.

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Caulfield explained, “I’m keeping my voice low, so I’m not doing everything I can for her. “I ought to be using my platform if I have one. I should speak out about it and try to support the MS Foundation and other organisations that conduct research by going out there, even if it restricts my ability to find employment. “.

In her MS battle, the actress said she is “fine right now.”. Caulfield continued, “My mindset isn’t breaking under the fear of ‘what if,’ ‘what can,’ or ‘what has’ for other people. “I can only keep going. “.