Mexican mother goes through hell after the food she cooked for her family killed her children. Here’s what happened: the woman made a mistake many people make without realising it.

Josefina got up early and went shopping to get everything she needed for a healthy supper for her school-aged children, Augustin, 8, and Maria, 6.

The woman made tortillas with eggs, bacon, and fresh orange juice for them.

Sad mother

The little ones washed their hands before lunch, ate heartily, and went to school, but a phone call from their frightened mother revealed that they were in horrible shape.

According to, the children were in the hospital with a low chance of survival due to a high fever caused by Salmonella.

Medical examination at the hospital revealed that the bacteria was present in the lunch that the mother had lovingly prepared…

After much deliberation, the mother and doctors agreed that Josefina had used her cell phone to respond to messages sent by her husband while preparing breakfast and that this was most likely how she contaminated the dish with salmonella.

The mother now takes every chance to remind all parents not to touch their phones. Salmonella food poisoning, often known as food poisoning, is a bacterial infection caused by many strains of the salmonella bacterium. Salmonella food poisoning is spread through food and drink from infected people or animals’ faeces, according to

According to the same site, the most prevalent salmonella-contaminated items are eggs and undercooked chicken.

However, any meal can become contaminated if it directly touches a sick person who does not wash their hands or comes into contact with other harmful foods.

The simplest way to avoid a disaster is to thoroughly wash your hands before preparing a meal.

Salmonellosis symptoms include the following:

– high temperature and chills;

– a headache

– diarrhoeal episodes, some of which may be bloody;

– vomiting and nausea;

– severe stomach pain and cramps.