Many individuals are concerned about the recent increase in the prevalence of uncommon diseases due to this phenomenon. Some of these ailments are so uncommon that those who contract them have terrible luck.

However, news of their health may quickly spread across the country and be carried by every outlet.

The two characters in this story had their lives turned upside down after being diagnosed with a sickness that is so rare that only a few individuals have ever been known to have it.

Black Spots

The Reddit member saw a variety of strange markings on his wife’s hand, including the ones described below:

They initially used the ointment to treat the black spots but then switched to wart treatment because they felt they were merely blood clots.

However, neither drug was helpful, and the situation deteriorated over time. The black dots grew until they resembled bumps, and some of them even had holes in them.

They opted to see a plastic surgeon after seeing that one of the dark spots had ruptured and expelled some tissue.

He exterminated the growths that had not returned after being eliminated up to this point.

The doctor informed the two that the woman had a pyogenic granuloma, a condition caused by inflammation, physical harm, or hormonal imbalance.

However, when the lumps became more extensive, the two decided to try using an antibiotic ointment with a wart remover to get rid of them.


Both therapies were used on the tumours, but neither was successful.

He explained how the bumps grew in size and number, eventually forming tiny apertures at the top. Some of them finally rupture, disclosing the small lumps inside.

The anxious couple saw a specialist, who expressed concern that it could be a more advanced stage of the skin condition known as melanoma.

According to the Library of Medicine data, her disease was eventually diagnosed as a pyogenic granuloma.

Pyogenic granulomas are benign tumours that present as tiny, elevated, red lumps on the skin.

Hand image

Skin lesions can bleed easily, even if they are just slightly affected.

Although the actual aetiology of pyogenic granuloma is unknown, the condition frequently manifests after a hand, arm, or face injury.

A plastic surgeon medically removed the growths from the woman’s hands, and her hand looked normal again.