Looking at the photo, you can tell it’s a father and daughter. Their attitude, lips, and eyes hint at the two people’s connection. Who could it be?

Based on the father’s haircut, you correctly estimated the baby’s age to be around 50.

What if we told you that this infant would one day be ranked among the world’s greatest singers? In addition, she is an actress.

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s none other than Jennifer Lopez, who is now a mother.

The artist recently uploaded the photograph on Instagram in honour of Father’s Day.

In a sorrowful tone, the star also commented on social media, “Daddy, there aren’t words to explain how much you mean to me… In every manner, you have my undying love!”


To all the wonderful fathers who spend every day with their children worldwide! You are loved, needed, and valued more than you realise. We are overjoyed for you today!


Jennifer Lopez was reared in the Bronx by her parents, David and Guadalupe, along with her sisters, Leslie and Lynda. Even though her parents split after 33 years of marriage, she pays equal attention to each of them.

Jennifer Lopez’s father, David Lopez, is more reserved than her mother and sisters, who are more visible in public. However, he supported the musician on numerous occasions. Jennifer has accompanied David Lopez to multiple film premieres, the grand opening of her Las Vegas house, and the ceremony to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jennifer Lopez has stepped in on occasion to defend her father from criticism. 

Following multiple discussions concerning her father’s ideas, the artist made some remarks in 2007. “My father has been a Scientologist for 20 years. “It seems strange to me that people try to portray him negatively since he is the best man I have ever known,” she said.