An unexpected vacation experience was shared on social media by a Florida woman.

The woman acknowledged that she had found a plastic bottle containing a phone, two pieces of cash, and a note while going for a dusk stroll. Where did they come from, and who were they?

He found a bottle with a note in it on the shore.

When Judi and her life partner were strolling along the shore, Judi noticed a plastic bottle that the waves had washed ashore. There were two dollar bills, a phone, and what looked like sand inside the bottle, and it wasn’t even half full.

He only understood what they all meant once he read the message the rivers had brought. While crying, the woman called for everyone on the beach to hear the rest of the tale.

She said it was human ash, what looked like sand. He would later learn that the glass contained the preserved remains of a kind-hearted older man who passed away at 70. The man’s wife had prepared everything.

What was written on the note that was found in the bottle?

The message gave a brief description of Gordon, the deceased older man. Knowing how much he loved to travel, his wife chose to place her ashes in a bottle and let them go at sea.

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The phone was nearby when the bottle was found so the man’s wife could call and inquire about Gordon’s whereabouts.

Excited by the entire situation, Judy called the man’s wife and told her that the bottle had arrived in Florida from Tennessee, where the man had previously resided.

Judy was asked to re-open the bottle by the woman, who was relieved to learn that Gordon’s remains had travelled such a great distance. Judy threw her back into the water, declaring her finished, adding another dollar to the bottle just in case anyone discovered her and wanted to charge her.