Jacqueline Kennedy is one of history’s most well-liked and closely-studied First Ladies. She has consistently ranked highly on lists of the most influential US First Ladies and most admired people and is regarded as a fashion icon. Presidency of John F. Even Kennedy said her appearances on the campaign trail contributed to some of his electoral success.

Jacqueline endured many personal tragedies, as well as professional highs and lows, throughout her life, but she always served as a solid and loving example for her kids.

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A living tribute to her cherished grandmother, her oldest grandchild is now an adult. The Havard graduate not only shares her grandmother’s love of the arts, but she also resembles her in appearance.

The similarity between these images must be seen to be believed.

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born in Southampton, New York on July 28, 1929.

She later got married to the man who would become the 35th President of the United States, but she was loved and admired both before and after her union.

She is renowned for being one of the most prominent First Ladies of the United States, for being a successful book editor, for her support of the arts, and for helping to preserve historic buildings.

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Jacqueline wed John F on September 12, 1953. 1957 saw the birth of Caroline Kennedy, Kennedy’s daughter. There were four kids born to the couple, but only Caroline and her brother John Jr. remained a child.

In the years following her husband’s passing in 1963, Jacqueline remarried, but she never had any more kids.

The oldest of her three grandchildren, Rose, is a replica of her grandmother, whose daughter Caroline bore her!

See for yourself!

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, 34, has participated in a few campaigns but has yet to pursue a career in politics like many of her well-known contemporaries.

But she does have a lot in common with her grandmother.

Grandma and Rose share several interests in addition to being physically similar. After graduating from college, Jacqueline Kennedy was offered a junior editorship at Vogue and continued to write for her school’s newspaper.

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Rose is a talented writer as well. She attended a private all-girls high school before earning a BA in English from Harvard in 2010 and starting her comedy series, End Times Girls Club.

According to Mashable, a “guide to female-focused apocalyptic survival” was the aim of the television show.

Rose told the outlet that the idea came about in response to seeing how New York handled Hurricane Sandy and how many people were woefully unprepared, particularly young women with a damsel-in-distress mentality.

In the 2010 Massachusetts special election, Rose volunteered for Democrat Alan Khazei’s team. She also contributed to Barack Obama’s campaign during the 2008 presidential election. She has inherited the political genes from her family!

Rose was given the name Rose Kennedy in honour of her maternal great-grandmother, but she is frequently contrasted with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Rose was only six years old when Jaqueline passed away in 1994. They were close when Rose was growing up, and Rose called her “Grand Jackie.”. “.

Jacqueline’s grandchild thankfully continues her legacy!

In addition to her grandmother, Jackie had a close relationship with John F. Kennedy, the oldest son of JFK. Jr. Kennedy. JFK Jr.’s death in a fatal plane crash on July 16, 1999, devastated Rose.

A father figure to her, he had been. She lost all hope for six months and hardly spoke to anyone. According to Kennedy’s biographer C, she stopped eating; she must have lost 30 pounds. David Heymann stated in an interview with The Washington Post.

According to Wikipedia and The National Enquirer, Rose married restaurant owner Rory McAuliffe in May 2022. They first connected while Rory was a caterer at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, where they had been dating for a long time.

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Rose has had a relationship with Rory undercover for the past eight years. Caroline, Rose’s mother, adores Rory. According to a source who spoke with The Enquirer in 2021, “She’s already been treated like a member of the family for years.”.

Jackie Kennedy would have supported gay marriage, according to tabloid and family sources.

These photos make me believe that the late first lady would be pleased with all of her grandchildren. What a fantastic legacy!

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