Linda died of cancer in 2016, and the musician stated that she would always be the love of his life. Details about Sir Tom Jones’ life have always piqued the interest of the press and fans. There was much talk about infidelity, but his wife was always by his side.

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Sir Tom Jones and Linda married at 16 and were married for the remainder of their lives. Linda passed away in 2016 after being diagnosed with cancer. Her husband stated that he would never love another woman.

After his wife’s death, Sir Tom Jones decided to cancel all of his gigs. Unfortunately, the vocalist was greatly affected by this tragic tragedy. At one point, Sir Tom Jones blamed himself for Linda’s death, thinking that he should have pushed her to go to the doctor because she didn’t. Sir Tom Jones addressed his admirers of Linda’s death and said she died peacefully with her husband and loved ones.

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Sir Tom Jones spoke honestly about the horrific event, saying he didn’t think he’d ever be able to sing again and that there were certain songs he couldn’t perform anymore. However, he stated that he could channel all of his feelings into new songs in memory of his wife. Following Linder’s death, Sir Tom Jones sold their property in Los Angeles and relocated to England.

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Sir Jones had a son with another woman he had an affair with, but Linda and her husband had a son together, Mark Woodward. Sir Tom Jones adored his wife, but there was a “do not ask” clause in their relationship regarding his tours. Nobody knows what Linda thought about this rule.

Sir Jones once claimed to have slept with 250 women.

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Sir Tom Jones had an affair with Katherine Berkery in 1987, and she became pregnant; however, the singer did not believe he was the father.

However, he took a paternity test, which revealed that he was the child’s father, but he refused to have anything to do with the child or Katherine.

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Sir Tom Jones was required to pay his son a monthly payment until he reached 18.

Jonathan, his son, stated that he does not want anything from his father but would like to get to know him better and chat about their lives.

Jonathan faced numerous challenges throughout his life, including battling drug addiction and living on the streets for many years due to homelessness.

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Hopefully, Sir Tom Jones will be able to move on from Linda’s death and even establish a bond with his son, Jonathan.