Kevin Costner was in the spotlight for a long time because of his parts, such as his appearance in ‘The Bodyguard,’ in which he co-starred with Whitney Houston.

Although he was a renowned actor, producer, and film director, he had a complicated personal life and ended up living alone for a long time.

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He had spent his entire childhood preparing for a job in finance, and he majored in marketing and finance at college.

However, he attended a few acting and dancing lessons in college and decided that this was precisely what he wanted to do. He also met Cindy Silva in college, and the two fell in love immediately, marrying after only three years.

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Kevin stated about his ex-wife that she was everything he desired in a woman.

Kevin and Cindy had three great children, Lily, Joe, and Annie, and Kevin took his duty as a parent very seriously, which was very important to him.

Although his personal life was fantastic, he could not obtain parts and a higher career, so he had to work as a carpenter and gofer.

Kevin won a role in The Big Chill in 1983, but his scenes were deleted from the film.

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Cindy was always there for her spouse during his difficult times. Although the portions in the film were removed, the film’s director, Lawrence Kasdan, remembered Kevin and offered him a role in the movie Silverado.

Kevin’s career grew steadily after this film, with roles in films such as The Untouchables, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, and The Bodyguard.

Kevin co-starred in The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston. Whitney had no acting experience, but Kevin made her feel comfortable during the shoot, and the film was a huge success.

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When Whitney Houston died in 2012, Kevin was devastated and expressed his wish to save her the way he did in the film because she was an extraordinary person to him.

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Kevin and Cindy separated in 1994, and it was claimed that the actor was in a relationship with the stunning Halle Berry, but neither of them confirmed the relationship.
Following the divorce, he began a relationship with Bridget Rooney, with whom he had a son, but the relationship did not last.

Kevin then had a three-year relationship with Brigit Cunningham, but the breakup was painful for Brigit because she arrived at the hospital after drinking an entire bottle of tequila.
Kevin was also in a relationship with Elle Macpherson.

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This romance did not last, and Kevin chose to take a sabbatical and focus on his job.

He did, however, manage to Italian the love of his life, Christine Baumgartner, but their relationship had complications because Kevin no longer wanted children, and Christine did. Kevin eventually recognised that he wanted to start a family with Christine, and they married in 2004.

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They are still happily married and have three children.

According to the actor, to continue a relationship, you must be able to apologise.

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