Prayers are offered for Steve Harvey. Harvey, we adore you!

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Birthdays are those unique occasions that remind us that we have completed another orbit around the sun.

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But only a few people enjoy lavish celebrations and pomp. They usually celebrate it with their closest friends and family instead.

However, this is only sometimes possible when you’re well-known, particularly if you’re one of the most prominent hosts and comedians.

On his birthday a few years ago, legendary Steve Harvey reminded everyone that he didn’t want anything extravagant. It turned out that his show’s crew should have paid more attention to him.

They had a brilliant idea, and Harvey adored it so much that he could not stop the tears from streaming down his face. Because the situation was so emotional, he couldn’t help expressing his feelings, and he didn’t care if people said that grown men don’t cry.

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He teleprompters, “Calling in by satellite from Orlando,” as he appeared on the program. Let’s identify it. Harvey paused momentarily as he read the word Orlando because it brought back memories of his early days as a professional when his life was unstable and on the verge of falling apart.

Somehow he had a clue as to who he would be seeing.

Harvey began to cry as a man appeared on the screen.

The host responded, “Hey, man,” to the caller’s greeting, “Hello, my name is Rich Liss and I’m calling to wish you a happy birthday. Man, I adore you. “.

Harvey immediately assumes that Becky, Rich’s wife, is the person Rich then says he wants to see him.

When young Harvey was having trouble, Rich and Becky offered him a contract and some money and helped him get back on his feet. Rich, Becky, and Harvey have been friends ever since. Harvey still recalls their kindness and love for him after all these years.

People who watched the video and left comments claimed that Harvey’s tears demonstrated his kindness and sincerity.

“The fact that Steve Harvey is well-known and frequently in the media, yet they never attempted to get in touch, shows that they acted kindly without expecting anything in return.

One commenter wrote, “I hope they’ve kept in touch and still talk; that’s the true definition of the family right there. Another person said, “Steve Harvey is one man who never forgot where he came from and always gave back.”.

Watch the video below to see how Steve Harvey cried after receiving this birthday surprise.

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