Steve Harvey is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most influential figures, but he overcame numerous challenges to get there.

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Steve was born in West Virginia to a modest family, so he didn’t want much as a child, and to achieve his success now, he worked as a mailman, carpet cleaner, and boxer. After he divorced his first wife, he sent most of his earnings to his children, making it difficult for him to maintain himself.

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He was homeless for over three years and lived in his car, washing in gas stations and swimming pool facilities. A week, according to Steve, is enough for this lifestyle, but he had to live like this for three years. However, he does not regret anything that happened because it helped him get to where he is today. However, life repaid him by allowing him to host “Showtime at the Apollo.” His career progressed rapidly after this point.
Steve has seven children, four from his first two marriages and three from his marriage to Marjorie Bridges.

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He adopted Marjorie’s children, but he had no idea how much this meant to them. Steve loves all seven of his children equally and makes no distinctions between them.

During an episode of the show, the seven children appeared as a surprise on the occasion of Steve’s birthday and shared their best memory with their father. Jason, his steps on the statement drove him to tears.

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Jason expressed his desire for Steve to know how much he adores him and is grateful for everything he has given him: his last name and, most importantly, his time.

Steve was overjoyed to hear these things and burst into tears like the rest of the crowd.
Steve’s wife was also on the show, and she praised Steve for all his love for her and her children.

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After his family had finished speaking, Steve struggled to find his words, saying that his family was all he had and that he was very proud of everyone. Steve stated that he worked four full-time jobs to support his children and did not regret it, but he wanted his children to know that there was someone in their lives who loved them more than himself.