The majority of our lives are devoted to pursuing and idolizing false ideals. The moment you accept that, you start to truly live.

Under no circumstances is it possible to please everyone. Please yourself first, then your loved ones later. Everyone is too busy pleasing themselves.

In an effort to slow down the aging process, it’s like trying to catch the wind. Accept it and enjoy it. Your body is still changing even though it has changed throughout time. Change your perspective to see the beauty of the new rather than wasting time trying to undo it.

No one is perfect, and no one is happy with their lot in life. As soon as you realize it, you are liberated from comparison and criticism. It liberates you.

Ten Lessons Time Has Teached Me

Everyone can see your mistakes, but nobody can see your good work. You’ll start acting with the right motivations and experience much more pleasure once that becomes clear.

The sooner you accept the physical vessel your spirit is housed in, the better. Years of disliking your appearance are something you’ll look back on with regret. Despite being magnificent and important, your body does not define who you are.

Despite the importance of your health, stress, anxiety, and worry are much more harmful than any delicious food or drink you could deprive yourself of. Joy and peace are the best medicines.

Who and what will remember you as you get older become more important considerations. Your love and wisdom will last much longer than any material possession you can leave behind. Tell your stories; they might be more influential than you realize.

Living against the wind can seem like a life sentence, even though we are only here temporarily. Life should not feel like a chore, but rather like an adventure.

Always use the things you save for “the best,” and always sip fine champagne. Nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow. It is a gift, which is why we refer to today as “the present.”. Eat, drink, and enjoy yourself.