A mother’s destiny is to protect her children.

When you are pregnant, you wait for them.

You wait for them as soon as they are done with school. You’re looking forward to them coming home after a night out.

You take care of children until they start living on their own.

This Is Just Beautiful

You wait for them to get home from work so you can make them a lovely dinner.

When you finally see them and get to hold them, all of your feelings of love, fear, and possibly even rage disappear.

Stop keeping your mother, who is elderly, waiting.

Give a big hug to the person who loved you the most when you see her, express your affection for her, and pay her a visit.

She is counting on you to do this, so don’t keep her waiting.

Because, despite the fact that a mother’s body ages, her heart does not.

Love her as much as you can.

No one will love you more than your mother, I can assure you.