The past year has been challenging for Hailey Bieber regarding her physical well-being.

The 26-year-old woman has already had heart surgery this year and feels compelled to deny pregnancy rumours. Instead, she claimed to be suffering from a “painful” cyst on her ovaries that is “the size of an apple.”

Hailey posted a photo on Monday showing her posing for a side-on mirror selfie while exposing her bare and colossal stomach.

“I have a cyst on my ovary,” she explained in the image’s description. Although I do not have endometriosis or PCOS, I have had ovarian cysts several times, which is a very uncomfortable experience.

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“Not a baby,” she went on to explain.

In addition to explaining her symptoms, Hailey expressed her frustration, adding, “It’s unpleasant and achy, and it makes me feel queasy, bloated, crampy, and emotional.”

“Anyways… I am confident that most of you can connect to and comprehend this issue. She then added three different emojis symbolising peace symbol to her remark.

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Hailey’s most recent health issue arose after she was brought to the hospital in March due to “stroke-like symptoms.” A blood clot on Hailey’s brain had broken off and migrated to her heart through a hole in her heart, causing these symptoms.

“When I thought I had a stroke, Justin thought I had a stroke, and I thought I had a stroke,” Hailey explained.

She subsequently had heart surgery in April, which she said went “very well.” By June, however, she had acknowledged that her rehabilitation was taking longer than anticipated. In April, she underwent heart surgery.

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She told Byrdie, “my body is taking a little longer to mend than they imagined.”

“I’m the type of person who is eager to get back to things after having a heart procedure, but this has taught me that there are times when it’s not physically possible.”