Michael Landon’s adored actor grandson Dylan Lupia, 24, lost his life after being struck by a metro bus. His family is looking for explanations.

According to investigators, Lupia was hit while crossing a bike lane next to the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. After less than two miles of driving, the bus driver stopped to let someone know that his bus had been vandalized.

The mother of Lupia, Shawna Landon, told the media that the family is devastated by her son’s passing and is looking for answers. Additionally, they are begging anyone with information to come forward.

The grandson of Michael Landon

The driver allegedly let the bus’s lone passenger off before reporting the bus’ damage from an unidentified source to the LA Metropolitan Transportation Authority. According to Dylan Lupia’s family, it is unlikely that the driver failed to notice him wandering along the roadside.

Shawna, Michael Landon’s sixth child, asked, “How did you miss the fact that you hit someone? How could you hit someone and not see it? It is not nice. I find it absurd. “.

Dylan, according to Shawna, was killed by the side of the road after being struck by a bus and left for dead. According to reports, the driver just kept driving without stopping.

The grandson of Michael Landon

The driver was allegedly questioned about the incident but not detained. Shawna wants justice and an explanation for her child. Michael Landon’s second wife, Lynn, who passed away, might have been visited by her young child, according to Landon. Shawna reasoned that he might have simply wanted to go see the home he had memories of.

Dylan Lupia, Landon’s son, was a wonderful kid despite his battle with mental illness. When he was 14 years old, he received an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

He was alone when the incident occurred. Dylan Lupia’s silver Hyundai and keys have also disappeared, which heightens the mystery surrounding his passing. Landon is compelled to discover the truth and will do whatever it takes to do so.

The grandson of Michael Landon

The case’s lead detective, Detective Johan Schloegl, has assured the family that he is looking for the truth. According to Schloegl, “We are treating this seriously and reviewing all the data, including video footage.

After I’ve finished the investigation, the District Attorney’s office will review it to determine whether there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit. We are working diligently in the interim, though, so please be assured of that. ”.

The family is in our thoughts and prayers, and we sincerely hope they are able to find the solutions they require.