It has recently come to light that a particular celebrity paid ninety visits to Jeffrey Epstein in prison before his sad death.


Now, Jeffrey Epstein rose through the premier financial bank Bear Stearns ranks before launching his firm.

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But he’s now far more well-known for far more sinister reasons.

He is remembered as a notorious criminal.

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Epstein was convicted of various sex offences for the first time in 2005 when he pled guilty to groping an underage girl.

His offences were numerous and varied…

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However, by 2008, he had been convicted of leading an underage prostitution ring linked to several influential people.

Epstein was sentenced to thirteen months in prison for this conviction.

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Epstein was caught again in Florida and New York for sex trafficking of minors and was imprisoned in a New York prison awaiting trial.

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Epstein has gotten away with heinous crimes for the bulk of his life, thanks to his wealth and social standing. There was finally hope for justice for his victims.

Many people thought his conviction would lead to the arrest of more high-profile and wealthy sex offenders.

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Epstein has many friends in high places, and one is sitting in the Oval Office, one of the highest locations available.

Epstein has a lengthy association with Donald Trump, and his convictions for these heinous acts have reflected poorly on the President.

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Even more contentious is Prince Andrew of the British royal family.

Of course, Epstein’s high-profile associates have denied involvement in the affair, but people remain sceptical.

Epstein died in jail.

He was discovered dead in his Manhattan prison cell, possibly from a hanging.

Even though his death is the subject of conspiracy theories.

However, because of the magnitude of his crimes and Epstein’s links to the political and social elite, some people have alternate ideas about what happened.

Here’s some background info…

Epstein was unquestionably close to Donald Trump, who had previously stated that Epstein “likes beautiful ladies as much as I do.”

Some of his associates are involved in conspiracy theories about his death.

Some say his death was too convenient, given that he was scheduled to take the stand and had knowledge of other participants in his crimes.

There appear to be several things that do not match up…

Some find it difficult to believe that a man could commit suicide under constant supervision.

A documentary shed light on the situation.

The release of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix last year thrust the whole situation into the spotlight, but progress could have been faster.

Victims related terrifying stories.

And they all told similar, terrible stories about being sexually abused and raped while giving Epstein and his cronies “massages.”

Since Epstein’s death, strange news about him has emerged…

Not to mention that a particular celebrity used to pay Epstein visits in prison before his tragic death.

According to a report released Monday, model and pilot Nadia Marcinkova was allowed to visit him approximately ninety times while he was in a Florida jail for solicitation of a minor.

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Marcinkova, who Epstein allegedly “purchased” from her family and brought to the United States around 2001 at the age of fifteen, bragging that she was “his Yugoslavian sex slave,” was allowed into the Palm Beach County Jail in 2008 while he was serving time for soliciting sex from a minor, according to visitor logs from the local sheriff’s office.

Marcinkova was in her early twenties at the time…

According to the Mail, jail officials should have been aware of allegations that Epstein sexually abused her during a minor because the details were in a previous police investigation.

Marcinkova visited Epstein 54 times while he was in jail, according to court documents obtained by The Washington Post.

On the other hand, the Mail stated it had logs showing the tally hovered around ninety, despite the woman’s surname being spelt Marcorkona.

The initial names were identical.

According to some of his victims, Marcinkova spent her earlier years with Epstein and other girls who were also under the age of consent.

According to one of the girls, Epstein would direct her and Marcinkova throughout their sex sessions, resulting in hours of abuse and humiliation.

Marcinkova, now 33, was listed as a probable co-conspirator in Epstein’s sex offences at one point but was never charged.

After Epstein, she worked in real estate and is now a commercial pilot and flight instructor who is thought to have changed her name.